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I'm living a nightmare experience - Desperately need advice

Ugh. I emailed the Service Center Manager yesterday and he told me he hadn't heard anything and would follow-up with me today, so we'll see where it goes.

I'm curious, are you still driving your car while waiting? I am and I'm wondering what impact adding miles on to the car might have in the buyout. I was under the impression that they base it on how many miles were on the car when the issues first arose, so it should be a non-issue.

I was for a couple of months, but only for short trips around town solo. We did not trust that the car would be not break down, so it has not been used for a family trip since early December. It has not been driven since May, and Tesla ordered me to stop driving it for safety reasons as of a month ago or so. The buyback mileage is based on when the vehicle qualified to be a lemon...at least in WA state.
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Just wondering if you had an update on this? After numerous emails and letters to Tesla, emails to my state’s Attorney General and other state bodies that deal with lemons, I finally heard back from Tesla that they’re buying my car back. Hoping it closes soon as they asked me for the ten-day buyout on my car but I’m thrilled that it seems like they’re buying it back. Especially as it’s out of warranty and had yet another major screen issue last week.
Sorry for the delay in response! I work full time as a (you guessed it) pilot for a major airline lol. Here is the official update.

The GM and other reps at my service center tried daily to reach someone in finance to send us a buyback purchase value sheet for me to sign to finish the process. It took me calling Tesla Finance daily (to the point where they knew me by name) which eventually led to nothing other than the usual "We have forwarded this to our manager to get this handled.." which I as well as the GM at my service center have heard many times.

After dealing with this disaster of an experience for more than 131 days I finally got to the point where I started googling all the Tesla Executives and email their first initial . last name @ Tesla.com emails. For those that got kicked back, I went to LinkedIn and found them on there and messaged them on there. I was lucky enough that one of the corporate employees saw my case on LinkedIn and had the Corporate Auto Resolutions department reach out to me via phone. Within 24 hours I received an email that the form we have been waiting for has been sent over and now we just had to wait for Tesla Finance to apply the remaining buyback amount as the down payment towards the new car (approx 26k and change..)

About 48 hours later I got a call from the GM at my service center saying that everything has been processed and I could come pick up my car!

I picked up my vehicle that evening and noted a few issues including a broken trunk stop and a huge gouge in the reflective trim on the middle row seats as well as a damaged window seals that were disintegrating on the drivers and front passengers window (presumably from sitting out in the sun in their lot for over a month while Tesla neglected to process their own paperwork). They said they'd order the parts and get it rectified ASAP.

The following night, while checking my bank account to see if a different transaction got processed, I noticed an unauthorized withdrawal from Tesla for $26k and change for the downpayment of the vehicle. The same amount that was supposed to be paid by the buyback from the Lemon Law car... It turned out they never actually applied the funds and just took it out of the account on file in my Tesla App. I never gave authorization or consent of any kind nor had any receipt for this.

I called the bank and had it refused of course and when I called Tesla and explained what happened they about $#!T a brick. They have since rectified that issue.

Since this whole ordeal, I've gotten the windows tinted and PPF wrap installed around the vehicle. Haven't noticed any more issues since!

Here is the email to the corporate resolutions desk. They did wonders for me. Hopefully they can for you as well! What really made the whole (5-6 month) process a little more bearable was the assistance from the GM at my service center. It was unfortunate that they were in the same position of having to rely on someone in corporate to do their jobs in order for them to do theirs. By working together and keeping solid communication we managed to get through it. While it was frustrating and I still have zero confidence in Tesla Corporate, I'm just glad to finally have my own car again that (so far) runs without issue!

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You might want to look up the definition of 'nightmare', just in case.

Do you have any pictures of said 'nightmare'? It'd make your 4th post.
I'm confident that given what I went through to simply get a car that functions the way it is supposed to (especially after purchasing the most expensive model and configuration that Tesla offers on their website) I can safely call the experience a nightmare. Not entirely sure what the "4th post" thing has to do with anything other than the fact that I signed up and paid to have access to these forums (like everyone else) in an effort to seek assistance and brainstorm ideas with others who may have been in this exact situation. To my understanding, that's the whole point of having a forum.

If you have any questions as to the experience, I'd politely suggest reading the initial post once more. That should pretty much clarify any questions.

Night-mare: a person, thing, or situation that is very difficult to deal with. <--- from google :)
Well his nightmare has become a wet dream; since one of his posts shows the car with the PPF and tint all shiny and stuff.

Yes! Although, I wouldn't necessarily call it a "wet dream". I'd refer to it more so as a bad situation finally rectified after 5-6 months and measures taken that should never be required from a paying client. I'll include the photo again here for anyone interested! After finally making it out on the other side from this whole situation, I've finally been able to get the things done to this vehicle which I wasn't able to on the previous vehicle due to it being in service for so long.