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Impact on delivery timeline when ordering 3rd row option?

Friend ordered a Model Y with 3rd row option (8/28/2023). He's transfering FSD, so has to take delivery prior to 10/1. Order says delivery Aug or Sept., but not sure how trustworth that estimate is. Does anyone know how Tesla batches their production between 2 row and 3 row trims? Are they able to produce them at the same time, or do they work on 2 row for weeks, then 3 row for days, then back to 2 row for weeks, etc. Or something like that?
@mrkalpakkam -- what is your configuration (in addition to 3rd row). and was it Model Y or Model X? My friend's is:
  • Model Y
  • Long range dual motor
  • 19" wheels
  • Black interior
  • White paint
  • 3rd row option (7 seat)
After I posted the question, he got a VIN w/ above configuration assigned to him. He's taking delivery tomorrow (Friday). So it took less than a week. The manufacture date is 2 weeks ago. It wasn't an "inventory car" here in Denver, but it recently rolled off the line in Fremont. It may be your configuration is less common?