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Keeping Reservation price

All, would love the hive mind here to help me navigate this with Tesla.

I pulled the trigger a few months ago on a reservation for plaid+. At the time I didn’t add FSD.
Thinking about it the past few weeks and seeing the progress, I decided to ask the reservation advisor who texted me after I placed my order to ask if I could add FSD.

What wasn’t conveyed to me was that the new order agreement would have a higher base price ($10K) in addition to the additional fee for FSD($10K).
This apparently was a surprise to the advisor when I pointed it out to them as well.

At this point, I would either like to just add FSD to my original order base price, or just revert back to the base price.
This doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult to do, but i am getting an insane run around from the person I’m texting with, to the point where the person told me to just order a plaid instead of plaid plus...

Am I being unreasonable about this? Is there a way to escalate this to someone who can make this change without being a jerk about it?
Would appreciate thoughts here.
You didn’t read the contract. They don’t want to manage lots of changes. There is a change fee and it readjusts to current market price.
Changes to things like battery size, color, etc might make sense, but FSD literally changes nothing about the vehicle and can be done post delivery.

Also, it seems weird that they can’t undo the change and go back to the agreement I had before.

lesson learned I guess.