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Location not updated during shipping

I'm getting my 2015 P85D shipped from Florida and super excited. However, despite the car being almost fully charged and connecting to the Tesla app, the location has not updated in several days. The same thing happened to my friend car when it was shipped. Any ideas why?
Same happened to me. I only saw it once, when they had to unload it to get to a car that was loaded in front of me.

1 Some/many transporters turn off data on purpose. They don’t want you to see!

2 Enclosed trailers block the signal

3. Car doesn’t transmit data when in deep sleep
The GPS inside Tesla cars updates it's position only when wheels are spinning. So, when the car is on a trailer, boat, ferry, train, airplane, spaceship, etc. it doesn't update position. When the car starts again spinning the wheels it usually takes anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes before the new position is recognised and updated.
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