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London Mayor Boris Johnson drives a Tesla (again), writes about it in Daily Telegraph


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May 23, 2008
Winchester, UK
Maybe this was the write up from his drive in January, but some good publicity in the UK national press nonetheless:

How to drive fast, have a good time - and still save the planet - Telegraph

Indicating carefully, and in full conformity with the law, I put my foot down – and pow. It was warp drive. You remember that bit in Star Wars, when the Millennium Falcon makes the leap into hyperspace, and the stars are turned into white streaks?


My car, on the other hand, was silent except for a musical hum, like a chorister tuning up for a madrigal. Every other car on the M40 was guilty – yes, even the Priuses – of contributing directly to the great billowing clouds of CO2 that are rising and quilting the planet in the tea-cosy of doom.

My car was innocent. It was an electric car, made by Tesla in California, and though it is currently just about the only one on British roads, I believe it marks the beginning of a long-overdue revolution.


They should remember that they are dealing with the human race, which is essentially a fun-loving, consumerist species, and that sometimes the best way to make people green is to make them green with envy.
I saved that one. Very nice. All the stats wrapped up in a lyrical narrative.

The 150mph line was a bit off and I found it more than fascinating that there was no mention of Lotus.

One commenter writes,
Perhaps if the government got rid of roundabouts and installed proper fly-over junctions, emmissions would go down.
What is a fly-over junction?
I saved that one. Very nice. All the stats wrapped up in a lyrical narrative.

He was a journalist in his previous career.

What is a fly-over junction?

I think you guys call it an overpass: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flyover_(overpass)

EDIT: Hmm, I posted a short comment early on to correct some of the first of the usual negative rubbish and it didn't get published, yet their moderators let through the comment by "UK Debt Slave"? Amazed.
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A short piece also appeared in last night's free London Paper:


They seem to be mixing up their faster-than-light sci-fi references, though.

Interesting the way the blue reproduced in the paper. I think it looks quite good with that hardtop too.