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  1. N

    PCN from Heston westbound supercharger exit closure around midnight 5th Jan

    Hi all, Did anyone else get stung by a PCN due to the total closure of the exit road from Heston Westbound services and Tesla Supercharger on 5th Jan around 00:20 am? We were forced to use the camera controlled back exit so were served with a PCN. The only alternative would have been an...
  2. Z

    Model S MOT Recommendations? (North London)

    Hi there, I have a Model S (Ludicrous Mode) that I purchased almost three years ago. It is coming close to its MOT date. I wanted to find out if people have any recommendations. I am based in North London. I already spoke with Tesla and seems like they do not handle these themselves. Any...
  3. G

    Attention Any Potential New Owners in London

    I wanted to offer my assistance to any potential new owners of Tesla's or any other EV's to help them navigate their first few steps into EV ownership. I live in SW London so happy to meet if you are local or can communicate over phone etc if you aren't. Am happy to answer any questions or...
  4. F

    London congestion charge exemption renewal

    I’m thinking there will be a lot of folk from last years big Sept delivery of M3s trying to do this just now! Just received my tfl email reminding me that my ‘cleaner vehicle discount’ is ready for renewal and to go online to do it. I have been online into my tfl account and it is driving me...
  5. Blueskye

    Londoners - what’s you insurance premiums for M3?

    Hi everyone! Looking for comparables on insurance premium... Just coming up for renewal on my previous Direct Line insurance and just wanted to see if it’s comparable to others. I had a small car previously, and had a telematics policy which bagged me a 30% discount... So I’m under 30 but over...
  6. J

    North London decent car wash

    Hi guys, Just got a M3! I did some reading online about how people recommend washing teslas and was a little intimidated by how difficult it seems to do a good job. I also don't have access to a hose as I only have street parking. With that in mind, does anyone have any recommendations for a...
  7. S

    WTB - UK el cheapo - Model S 85/90

    could be also declared cat N/D. or maybe even cat S/C if not disabled by Tesla. also, if you know of mechanic around London UK area, willing to do rebuild for ca$h, please let me know. (already checking eBay, Auto Trader, Copart, Gumtree.) thanks!
  8. S

    new member from London, UK

    hi all, hoping to become owner at some point in near future. looking for London area based mechanic, skilled in rebuilding crashed Model S, please. thanks in advance!
  9. I

    Model 3 De-chrome / chrome delete advice

    I've had my midnight silver Model 3 for 2 weeks now and LOVE IT! A mate works at Tesla in San Jose and I drove a pre-production one in California in late 2017, and put my deposit down a few days later. I was super impressed and still am. Anyway, I'd like to get it 'de-chromed' as I think...
  10. karpetkutter

    Charger Configuration and Install New M3

    Hi Guys , I have just recently received my invite to configure my M3 and now that I have the order setup its time to think about chargers. Where did you guys go for chargers? I was looking at the Tesla charger but not sure if you get the rebate on it? It wasnt until I was on here that it...
  11. Sam_Alset

    New 20" model X slipstream alloys & tyres for sale

    Morning all Is anyone interested in buying new model X 20" slipstream alloys with tyres. I've be collect my upgraded 22" onyx through the referral program tense why the original slipstreams are for sale. The 20" slip streams will be brand new as I haven't even recieved my new model X yet...
  12. Sam_Alset

    For sale new 4 x 20" silver slipstream allow shell's and tires in UK

    Hi All I am selling a brand new set of 4 x 20" silver slipstream alloys with new tyres for £3500. I am selling as i have earned the 22" onyx turbine alloys through the referal scheme which I will have installed on my model X. £3500 Please get in touch if you are interested?
  13. Sam_Alset

    Hello Tesla community, newbie here

    Hello community, I'm new to the world of tesla and new to the forum. So I took the plunge and sold my bmw i8 after only 12 months of ownership and depreciation of £45,000 (ouch). It all happened as a result of test driving the p100d model S which just made every other experience i have...
  14. H

    Model S and X dimensions living in London

    hello chaps I live in London and conscious streets are narrow especially with street parking. Tesla cars are not necessarily small especially in width. Can you share your experience of driving, parking and living in London with a Tesla Thanks
  15. dgpcolorado

    A Push for Diesel Leaves London Gasping Amid Record Pollution

    It's not just Beijing and New Delhi: New York Times: https://nyti.ms/2lsAZ2S ^ London smog in January. Matt Dunham/Associated Press It would appear that London needs more electric cars and fewer diesel ones. As a bicycle commuter since 1978 I have a particular hatred of diesels. Around...
  16. C

    Alloy Wheel Refurb - London

    Can anyone recommend a place in London to get one of my allow wheels refurbished? Scraped a curb avoiding someone coming into my lane left a 6 inch rash round the rim.
  17. Drone Flyer

    Renting a Model S or X in London

    Anyone know where I can rent, at a cheap price, a Tesla from the 17th for a week? I have Teslaitis and I can't stand the thought of renting an ICE car while my Tesla sits in my garage at home in Toronto. I've seen prices ranging from 1300-1700 Pounds but that is way too expensive. That's...
  18. AEdennis

    Transatlantic Tesla/EV Meetup 2. The King & Co., Clapham, London 2016-11-17 6p-8p

    Hi All... We're crossing the Pond again for a visit and had so much fun with fellow rEVolutionaries (mostly from SpeakEV, though @dpeilow is a TMC and SpeakEV guy (like me)) that we wanted to see if we can do another Social and Drinks. This time, Clapham. Due to a Personal issue, we had to...
  19. A

    UK - car detailer near London?

    Hello, in anticipation t receiving my car sometime end of the year of early next year. Does anyone have a recommendation fro a car detailer near London (UK)? amongst other things I am looking to do a full Xpel Stealth wrap + Cquart Finest coating Thanks
  20. P

    1986 London Sterling Limousine (1 of 100 ever made)

    1986 White London Sterling Limousine with Gray Interior. Estimated 100 produced, this was number 68 production according to the plaque in the back seat. Only 16,374 original miles! Passed MA inspection in 2005. Minibar cabinet in backseat. Needs some body work (sand off rust and paint) and some...
  21. M

    UK / London - Model X - anyone out there?

    We've ordered a P90D in the last couple of weeks. Mostly fully spec'd but w/o Ludicrous. The website said Feb 2017, although I am taking that with a grain of salt I don't know if there are other Britons meandering around on these forums but if so, I would be interested to know: 1. What did...
  22. P

    Model S Paint Protection / Coating in London

    Hi Everyone, I've just had my Model S (Deep Blue Metalic) delivered and am absolutely loving it. Unfortunately, it got covered in tree sap at the weekend. While I've had it washed since, I've started thinking about paint protection/detailing. My local carwash has recommended AutoGlym/Supagard...
  23. nexsuperne101

    Hybrid cars to pay for congestion charge in London in next 2 weeks.

    Bad news for all those "ECO" hybrids, as London is now to start charging £11.50 per day for any car with any tail pipe emissions. I currently drive a Leaf, and have ordered a Model 3, so I am quietly smug about this fact. Hybrids are a step backwards, its a bit like saying you can swim, but...
  24. dpeilow

    2nd UK Tesla Hackathon - Saturday 7th, London

    Tesla Hackathon taking place this Saturday in Clerkenwell for those interested.
  25. D

    Private plate for sale.

    Hello, I'm new here, from the UK. I'm selling a private plate, perfect for your Tesla! I hope this is okay to post if not please do inform me! Dan.
  26. F

    Model S from London to the French Alps

    Has anyone had experience of driving a Model S from London down through France to the Alps (3 Valleys ski resorts)? I've driven it often in an ICE car and know the route reasonably well but am thinking of doing it this winter in a Tesla (P90D). It looks like the superchargers are well spaced...
  27. A

    London - Manchester trip this weekend

    Hello all, So after the waiting, my 90D is finally being collected this Friday afternoon! Super excited, particularly as it might have the v7 software, great timing! I'm actually going to a function in Manchester on Saturday evening so planning on driving up Saturday afternoon from Uxbridge /...
  28. N

    London Area options for Winter Tire purchase and swap?

    Curious if any owners in the London or even KW Area have dealt with any local tire shops for winter tires, both purchasing and putting them on?
  29. blackmonday

    London Model S sightings

    I saw my first ever Model S out in the wild today whilst walking along Petty France. I was beginning to think the only appear at the Westfield charging stations. My Model S is due in December and I'm doing my best to remain patient...
  30. M

    Are ALL London's SuCs Really Off-Line at 1430 on Saturday, 15th August 2015?

    I was driving up the M4 towards London on Saturday - intending to charge at Reading. Halfway there, I see the Reading SuC symbol on the Nav app is greyed out. Eeek! Zoom out to find this... (sorry about the quality)... Even more 'Eeek!'. Anyway, I had my CHAdeMo adaptor so I thought...
  31. U

    Tips for destination charging at budget hotels in london

    Hi, I'd welcome any tip-offs from our London friends regarding reasonably priced hotels in London with EV charging on premises or near by. My 70D should arrive in August and the first lengthy road trip we'll be taking involves a 225 mile trip from the Wirral to my brother - in - laws wedding at...
  32. badboy1980

    Original Tesla Grey Turbine Wheels Required - London UK

    Hi There All, I live in the UK (London) and was hoping if anybody would be selling a complete set of 4 Turbine Grey/Charcoal 21" Wheels. Would really appreciate some positive feedback. Thanks!
  33. badboy1980

    21 Grey Turbine Wheels Required - London UK

    Hi All, This is my first post, yey!! Anyway, was wondering does anyone have a set of 21 Inch Turbine Grey Wheels that they are willing to sell? I would welcome any feedback, including if this Post is in the wrong section and if I need to look else where. Thank you all. P.S My Tesla Model S...
  34. dpeilow

    Brodered: Autocar London to Amsterdam roadtrip

    Home on the range - testing the Tesla Supercharger network | Autocar I'm calling BS. 1) If you can't find destination charging in Amsterdam it's a bad job. There are thousands of places. 2) It's 125 driving miles between the Ghent and Maidstone superchargers. I could get that from a P85...
  35. Liz G

    London SuperCharger: Why can't they all look like this?

    Check out the London SC. It is awesome. Wish they all looked like this one. That would be great marketing. Underground Tesla Supercharger Station In London Is Strange... In A Good Way | CleanTechnica
  36. Dutchie

    London - Amsterdam v.v.

    Great article from Gizmodo 48 Hours in a Tesla: Driving an All-Electric Model S to Amsterdam and Back | Gizmodo UK
  37. FLDarren

    Supercharger - London, KY

    I saw that supercharge.info has London Kentucky as "under construction." I spoke to a few of my family members that live about an hour from there to see if they can stop by and check it out. I said take plenty of pictures. Hopefully I'll hear from one of them soon.
  38. AMPUP

    Photo from Amsterdam to London rally

    So I just saw this photo from Facebook and noticed a couple of things. 1) 'things' above the rear view mirror, what are these? 2) screens look different? Am I going crazy?
  39. R

    Problems with London Superchargers.

    I'm currently visiting London from the NL and have to say that I'm struggling with the London Superchargers. Yesterday charged at The Crystal = 84kW with a starting range of 50km typical. 2nd Tesla arrived & my power dropped to 24kW. Gave up after a while.. Can better charge at Ikea, at least...
  40. T

    Another London supercharger?!

    According to Supercharge.info, there's due to be another supercharger in London (that makes 4), but we still haven't seen one outside of Leeds/Sheffield, or the M3/M4 charging network. Why?
  41. B

    Looking for London apt rental in October

    Dear UK Tesla Owners, My son (27 years old) is looking to rent an apartment in London that is around $1300-1500 US Dollars. Is that possible and if so does anyone have any recommendations or know of anyone who has a monthly rental unit? Thanks so much! Eric aka Bart513
  42. Nuke

    London portman square

    Charging at portman square! 30 Portman Square, London, W1H 7BH United Kingdom
  43. MartinAustin

    Elon on the publicity trail in London

    BBC News - Tesla boss Elon Musk hints at technology giveaway
  44. Phil Gorski

    Elon at new Tesla Store in West London 7 minute video on BBC News

    Elon at new Tesla Store in West London 7 minute video on BBC News night.Elon Musk Interview on Tesla electric cars - YouTube
  45. brianman

    2013/10/24 London video and rough notes

    I forget who posted the link first. Sorry for not crediting. I may fix that later. Tesla London Store Opening reception with Elon Musk 2013/10/24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsI2ToCGo-A What caught my ear (or, "I only wrote down some of it"): Taking UK seriously. Hard at...
  46. H

    Comments made by Elon Musk at opening of London UK Store

    Elon started talking in London Store at 20:08 local time. Comments he made are below We’re taking the UK market very serious. First UK RHD car due to be delivered in March. It’ll go to a “fairly high profile person. We’re going to establish the supercharger network thorough the UK. You’ll be...
  47. Cosmacelf

    Superchargers in London, Kingston, Brockville this fall?

    Maybe Tesla recently updated the supercharger map, but I didn't think I saw these locations on the map previously. Anyways, looks like there may be three Ontario superchargers coming soon. Anyone know word about construction status?
  48. malcolm

    New London Showroom - Westfield Shepherds Bush

    ...according to this Knight Frank document from July, the site is in Westfield Stratford City, part of the Olympic Park development: http://www.knightfrank.co.uk/resources/commercial/brochure/retail-in-detail----26-july-2013.pdf...
  49. Dan43

    Elon Musk drives Model S through London, Nov 2012

    Elon Musk: from electric cars to Mars - ft business - companies - FT.com Elon on a test drive through London in his Tesla. Another video from the FT website, he is being interviewed while driving a LHD Model S. From November 2012. Enjoy Dan43 UK Cotswolds
  50. T

    Model S in London