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Longer warm-up time?


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Jul 1, 2019
mid wales
Midday today car reporting outside temp as 11C but took just over 30 miles and 40 mins (country roads circa 50mph 20 miles then dual carruage way 70mph) before the yellow dash lines vanished from the display and full regen. This seems way longer than before. Just got V10 so wonder if they reprogrammed it for slower heating/power saving???
I had similar case before that V10 (10 days ago), it was 5C outside and my MCU had frozen. I was not able to put my PIN on the screen, had to override with the app. Wasn’t expecting it to be the act of weather but who knows, it’s my first winter. It’s been now warmer and post V10 not seen it...
At 11C it isn't actively heating, also, something as heavy as the pack takes time to warm and might have gotten a good bit colder overnight.
Maybe they did raise the regen threshold a little but I wouldn't jump to that conclusion just yet.

It was a wet night and foggy morning . I doubt it got below 7C. Last winter at 0C it gave full regen within 12 miles/25mins. Tiem will tell. frankly I'd be happier if they slowed heating down to save power 'cos my 4 miles to get a morning paper on single track roads sucks juice in winter.
I have doubts about slowing, would sooner expect they raised the temp for full regen.

What is your charging schedule like?

I have noticed that if for instance I let the car sit for a whole day the day before, regen can take longer to achieve. Again the pack is big takes time to heat and cool, if I drive it daily it stays a bit warmer in these milder seasons.
I charge when I need to and aim to keep car rattling around 60% charge unless going on a trip etc (hangover from LiPoly days when 60% was the storage charge) I ue it most days 4 mles each way to get a paper or 15 miles each way to get supplies.

But my point was that last winter it would be fully warmed up by the time I got 12-15 miles and this time it was way longer. If no-one lese has noticed then I assume it was a one-off and I'll watch it.
I usually keep the battery around 60-80% charge and I did not expected that weather will kick in so early, I thought it will effect if below 0C. It’s also quite slow to warm up for me but as mentioned it’s first winter for me. I now give a little boost to the car (15-45min of charging) before my commute...
I'll second the OP's observation that I get regen triangles really often now (2016 90D v1 battery V10 software), but really erratically and at odd (lower) states of charge.

This morning, for instance, the pack was dead cold (40 degrees F) and at 90%; I didn't get a single regen warning. Over the weekend, in the middle of the day at 80% 6 minutes into the drive, yellow lines and triangle appeared occasionally.

My particular pack, though theoretically from the haunted early 90 chemistry, has actually improved a tiny bit in the time I've owned the car (90% used to be 249-250 now it is 250-253); I've never really driven to the edge of lower capacity and I ignore "best practices" and split my charging between 30A/208 at work and supercharging and I regularly charge to 92-95% (then immediately drive down to 90% or lower). I see the regen limits if I charge to 93% with a warm (recently charged) pack.
This will be the first winter I've had my S (Raven P100D) and I've noticed two times on cold drive where I was surprised how long regen was taking to kick in. I didn't have it in the cold post v10 so I can't state if it's specifically the version. I assumed it might be something with the S vs the X or the 100 kWh size packs.

I have an X 75D that I drove all last winter, where it spent multiple nights in sub-freezing temperatures but would always be fully warmed up for regen within about 20 minutes. This past weekend it got down to about 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I made a drive in my new S, that I've made many times in my X, where the S took nearly 45 minutes, over 30 miles of hilly interstate, to finally warm up. The X always warmed up on the same route in about 15 minutes of the first set of small highways covering about 7 miles. I'll have to try the X on the same route now that it has v10 to see if it might be behaving differently.