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Model S Features I'd Like, Welcome Comments

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So, I've had my 2016 MS 75D for about 7 months now. I've been grateful for a bunch of updates. But, none of them have addressed really easy things to fix or things that seem important to address, given the market. These are eight things that have grated on me. I don't expect everyone to agree, but I'd welcome feedback, pro or con.


  • CarPlay: the current multimedia system works better than many, but seems inflexible, and Tesla is the only major manufacturer that doesn’t provide the option, leading some on the fence to pick other cars. (Yes, I know this has been discussed ad nauseam elsewhere, but that doesn't change the fact that I think it's important here.)
  • Better or custom ring tones: The current ring tone sounds like something just has gone wrong. This should be so easy to fix; 8 years and this hasn't been fixed?!
  • iTunes as audio source: if we can’t get CarPlay, at least we could get easier access to our iTunes streaming (yes, I've seen this may be coming)
  • Customizable MCU button bar: there are buttons I never use (audio volume) or wish were immediately available (heated steering wheel), rather than being buried down in a submenu or screen. Different placement (any of the four screen edges), would be a big improvement, possibly safer (less need to look down, away from the road), and potentially enable more controls to be immediately available (on left and right).
  • Remote rear window heater: This would be a great addition for cold days, and most of the time, the front defogger isn’t needed until a humid human gets in the car.
  • Smart reverse mirrors: left and/or right mirrors would tilt down based on sensing of cars and curbs (only down if a curb is sensed, preserving ability to see cars and bikers on the side with no curb)
  • Smart sunroof and window close (rain sensing): if hyperlocal weather and/or rain sensor on windshield detects rain or likely rain, an open sun roof or open windows would be closed
  • "Night Panel" Mode: Like the old Saab, at night, reduce the required light emissions from the dash to the bare minimum, which on a Model S, should be almost nothing.