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Wiki Model X FAQ (wiki)

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Front Door Handle?


= falcon wing doors
fwd = front wheel drive
AP = AutoPilot
MX = Model X
MS = Model S
SC = Service Center
DS = Delivery Specialist
TMC = Tesla Motors Club
ICE = Internal Combustion Engine

Q: What is the width and the length of the Model X?

A: Measurements in Model X FAQ (wiki) . The specs are:
wheelbase: 116.7 inches (9' - 8 3/4"; 2.964m)
length: 198.6 inches (16' - 6 5/8"; 5.044m)
width: mirrors extended - 89.4 inches (7' - 5 3/8"; 2.271m); mirrors folded - 81.6 inches (6' - 9 5/8"; 2.073m); DS says the body width (mirrors detached) is 78.7 in (2 m) wide.
[Would an owner please verify the measurements? --- the cited measurements from the tow guide indicate the X is very, very wide][The listed width with mirrors extended is 3.2 inches (8.13cm) wider than what Tesla lists for Model S, which seems believable.]

Q: What is the Curb Weight of the Model X?
A: P90D - 5381lb
90D - 5271lb
75D -
60D ?​

Q: what is horsepower rating?
A: The 60 D and 75 D have same power: 2 259 hp motors, battery will supply 328 hp. 90D has same motors but battery supplies 418 hp. P90D has 259 hp front and 503 hp rear motor and battery supplies 463 hp in insane mode (532 hp if ludicrous.)

Model X Specifications

Q: What tires are on the Model X?
A: Continental CrossContact LX Sport; Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season; ContiSilent
Front: 265/45R20 108V XL; UTQG: 480 A A; Tirerack Per Tire: $349.25
Rear: 275/45R20 110V XL; UTQG: 480 A A; Tirerack Per Tire: $338.25
Load Index of 108 = 2205 lbs | 1000 kgs
Load Index of 110 = 2337 lbs | 1060 kgs
Speed symbol is V for 149 mph max

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3; Max Performance Summer; SoundComfort Technology
Front: 265/35R22 102W XL; UTQG: Pending; Tirerack Per Tire: $179.30
Rear: 285/35R22 106W XL; UTQG: 300 AA A; Tirerack Per Tire: $184.70
Load Index of 102 = 1874 lbs | 850 kgs
Load Index of 106 = 2094 lbs | 950 kgs
Speed symbol is W for 168 mph max

Michelin Latitude Sport 3
Front: 255/45R20
Rear: 275/45R20

Model X tires cannot be rotated.

19" tires are shown in the latest (13-Apr-2018) X owners manual.


Q: What is the clearance of the falcon wing doors (FWD) when fully opened?
A: With the car suspension set to Very High, there is 81" (6' - 9"; 2,06m) clearance from the ground to the lowest point on the FWD. Based on the ground clearance measurements below, that would imply that on Very Low, there would be 78" (6' - 6"; 1,98m) clearance.

Q: Can you give us a measurement of the maximum (exterior) height of the fully open FWD? Both at 'Very High' and 'Very Low' Suspension settings?
A: On "Low", the default setting, the highest point on the fully opened FaWD is 90 inches (7' - 6"; 2.286m).

Q: What is the maximum width of the falcon wing doors, relative to the widest point of the closed front door? In other words, how much horizontal clearance do the doors need from the side of the vehicle?
A: 18 inches (45.7cm).

Q: What is the measurement of the falcon wing doors, relative to the overall length of the car? Specifically, what is the measured distance of the leading edge of the door from the front bumper? From the rear bumper? Trailing edge measurement from front and rear bumpers?

Q: What is the width of the center "channel" between the FWDs when they are open?
A: ~8 inches

Q: What is the difference in height between the floor under there 2nd row and the 3rd row when the third row is folded?
A: ~15 inches (measured at the factory "Meet Model X" event and my device was crude, so I may have been off by a little)

Q: How high off the ground is the driver seat cushion when the air suspension is set for a normal (low) setting? (Trying to figure out seat height --- true SUV seat height or non-Tesla sedan style seat height?)

Q: What is height from vehicle floor to top of seat bottom cushion?
A: 13" (33cm) in lowest seat position and 15" (38cm) at highest

Q: What is the ground clearance ?
A1: With air suspension : very low/very high 5.11"/8.22" (13cm/20,3cm)
A2: with coil suspension : 7.2" (18,28cm)

Q: Can we have a rim bolt measurement and offset (or some other determinant) to learn if there is or isn't interchangeability between the Models S and X?

Q: What is the width of the 2nd and 3rd row seats? Is the 2nd row middle seat the same width as the outer seats?

Q: What is the height of the cabin, from the middle row middle seat cushion to the bottom of the center falcon wing door support beam?


Q: Which side of the Model X is the charge port (driver or passenger)?

A: Left side (driver side in USA/Europe, passenger side in UK, Australia) Same location as the Model S. Note that the Model X charge port opens and closes automagically. Software previously did not allow the charge port door to open when hitting the button on the HPWC, this was addressed in the June 2016 update. You can also open the door by gently tapping with your finger towards the left most side (facing the door) and it will open (if you have an early production car). Gentle pressure will also allow it to close manually (if you so choose.)

Q: Can a HPWC be used for both a Model S and X?
A: Yes, the HPWC can charge a Model X up to 72 amps (but only 48A with the base charger) and a Model S equipped with dual chargers up to 80amps.

Q: How to unlatch the charge handle with a J1772 charger?
A: https://www.teslamotors.com/sites/d...gging_model_s_from_a_j1772_public_charger.pdf

Q: What to do if can't disconnect from supercharger?
A: First make sure the car is unlocked. The supercharger connection is locked on until Model X is unlocked. If Model X is unlocked and still does not disconnect from supercharger, push the charger connection as far in as possible until clicking sound occurs. Then pull supercharger connection off. The supercharger will not disconnect unless connector is first fully engaged.


Q: Picture of maximum flat area with 3rd row flat, 2nd row as far forward as possible? space between top of 3rd and back of 2nd?

A :https://scontent-atl3-1.xx.fbcdn.ne...=525748dd9175356b1b4c6f5c47c9dd9d&oe=57493F2B
Kind of sub optimal I'm afraid:frown:

Q: How easy is it to access the 3rd row?
A: Quite easy. From either the seats or the main touchscreen, simply adjust the seats forward to allow for access. They can be easily returned back into the standard position. The car will not allow the seat to be stowed in an "unsafe" position for human transport.

Q: Is it possible for the 2nd row passengers to stay seated or must they exit to allow access to the 3rd row?
A: It depends if if both seats are occupied. Candidly, I would get out and let the 3rd row passengers get in for easy access and safety.
Also note that the front seat slides forward automatically if when the 2nd row seats slide to allow 3rd row access. Don't know if this happens if someone is sat in the front seat.

Q: If a carseat is present in the outboard seat of the 2nd row, does the child need to be removed before someone can access the 3rd row?
A: Not if the other seat is occupied. Again, best practice would likely be to remove the car seat if all seats were occupied in the second row.

Q: Which seats have carseat latches and where are they located/hidden?
A: See this video...
Q: If a rear facing carseat is present in the outboard seat of the 2nd row, can the seat tilt enough to allow someone to access the 3rd row?

Q: Does the 2nd row middle seat also tilt forward when someone is trying to access the 3rd row?
A: There is a four-position switch (similar to the lumbar adjustment) on the bottom of the second row seat on the underside. The left/right position will allow the seat to move forward and back. The top/down position will adjust tilt.

Q: If there is a child in a carseat in the 2nd row middle seat, does the child need to be removed to allow access to the 3rd row?
A: No. The seats tilt individually. Leave the middle seat in normal position & just tilt forward the outer seat to allow access.

Q: How easy is it to access the LATCH connectors for child seats? Do you have to dig to find them?
A: They are very easy to access in the second row. I have the Ultra White interior and there is a little lip of the seat that lifts up to expose the latch connectors. (This appears to be the case with other interior selections as well). There was no digging needed for install, but I do recommend seat belt extenders if you are putting in a booster seat with LATCH connectors. The third row is more buried in the seat. Please see this video for full details.

Q: How comfortable are the 3rd row seats? Would an average adult be comfortable in the 3rd row for a long road trip?
A: I've tested the 3rd row seating with persons up to 6' 2" (1.88m). The 6' 2" person was a bit cramped on headroom, but for anyone 6' (1.83m) or less I think it would be just fine. Unlike the Model S, Model X is equipped with air vents in the 3rd row for comfort.

Q: When opened, do the 2nd row cupholders intrude on leg room for the middle seat passenger?
A: Yes. It would be difficult to use the middle seat & cupholders simultaneously.

Q: Can the 2nd row seats slide forward and back? Or just tilt?
A: There is some forward/back adjustment that can be done. Note that some delivery specialists incorrectly have informed customers that the 2nd row middle seat doesn't move. This is not correct. (See question above.)

There is 100 mm of “comfort adjust” travel on each of the 2nd row seats. (Confirmed. - b.)

Q: Is there a logical place in Model X to hang clothes? Would 3rd party devices be possible?
A: There are two detents in the rear "Trunk" area that I imagine on could use to hang a bar to hang clothes on, assuming you removed the floor of the trunk shelf, to let them hang down. That said, I wouldn't suggest this configuration.

Q: How do I fold the third row seats?
A: Each seat has a button inset on the outer top of the seat. First press will drop the headrest, a firmer press (or second) will release the seat latch and allow you to drop the seat forward.

Q: Can the second row seats be removed? We know they aren't designed to be folded, or pulled out simply...but is there a way to unbolt and remove them, even if it takes 20 or 30 minutes?
A: No. Tesla has been clear that none of the seats can be removed; so when you order, be sure to order a configuration that will always work for you! (The first and second row can slide back and forth a bit; the second row tilts a bit, and the third row folds down).

Q: Can the 2nd row seats (7-seater option) be configured to allow skis to protrude between them from the 3rd row / trunk area (i.e. one seat all the way back and reclined, with ski protruding forward at angle between the seats)?


Q: How much tint do the various windows have?
A: The rear windows are quite dark (90% tint, like dark sunglasses), the front windows lighter.

Q: How strong is the airflow through the 2nd and 3rd row vents? Does the HVAC system have independent zone control for the rear of the car?
A: Yes, there are front/rear controls with separate controls (manual and auto.)

Q: Are both the seat bottom and seat back cooled (when Premium Upgrades Pkg is installed)? Are 2nd or 3rd row seats also ventilated?
A: The bottom and back of both front seats are heated. They are not cooled. Airflow is into the seats when the seat fan is activated. The air flow is imperceptible. The 2nd and 3rd row do not appear to have active ventilation like the 1st row.
First row seats heated and ventilated, 2nd/3rd row heated only. (Confirmed -b.)

Q: Are the front seats heated without getting the cold-weather package?
A: Yes, according to several sources.

Q: What happens when I press the Bioweapon Defense Mode button?
A: The fan speed increases slightly and the air smells better. Some have witnessed it going to max fan speed.


Q: Does the MX come with a sunshade for the top of the panoramic windshield and skylights on the FWD (as Elon mentioned in his tweet)
A: Early production did not. The glass is heavily UV-tinted, reducing need for a shade. Some cars had a due bill for a sun shade (mine was printed on a bright red paper and was in the glove box). As of June, new production cars include sunshade for panoramic window. Sunshades for trunk and upper FWD are available on Teslas accessories store.

Q: How does the visor work?
A: The visor is stored on the door frame to the left of the driver's shoulder or right of the passenger's shoulder. As it moves into either storage position or windshield position, it makes a firm magnetic connection and seats into place. For full visor, you fold it down. It's surprisingly effective. Visor is folded in half along its length when not in use. Can be used like that, or can fold down to double height. Note: Visor can be folded either up or down for appropriate height depending on sun elevation. It can also be pivoted as needed (not snapping it in magnetically) to cover virtually any sun position that might be annoying to driver or passenger.

Q: Is there a lit vanity mirror?
A: Yes! On both the driver and passenger visor. Fold the second layer down and you'll find it.

Q: How sufficient is the panoramic windshield and skylights on the FWD at blocking sunlight? Does it prevent sunlight from entering the interior?
A: Drove in South Florida today with sun well above the visor level. Factory tint provided adequate blocking of sun, but was still somewhat distracting.

Q: Where are the cupholders?
A: Front row - two in center console, two in center armrest
Second row - two pop out from under center console
Third row - two between the seats

Q: Where are the interior power outlets?
A: Front row, center console: two USB and a 12V
Second row, back of center console: two USB
Third row, 1 USB between the seats in the front of the cup holder area. Easy to miss if you aren't looking for it.
Trunk area, on left side: 12V

Q: Do any of the USB or 12v outlets stay powered on when the key fob is not in the car?
A: All accessory outlets are not powered if the car is off. The car can be kept on when the driver leaves with the fob by touching the flat panel. This must be done within one minute of the driver leaving and closing the door. Or the driver can leave the car in Nuetral and set the park brake using the flat panel. This is a way to keep the AC on but also keeps the car and power ports on. Or you can crack a door slightly and the car will stay powered.

Q: Do the USB ports provide full the full 2.1A current required to charge larger devices, like tablets, while in use?
A: Yes, all 5 USB ports provide full 2.1A current.

Q: What color is the accent piping on the perforated leather seats with the "Premium Upgrades" package?
A: White seats -
Tan seats - Dark Tan/Brown
Black seats -

Q: Does the radio have the AM band?
A: No AM radio band selection with Model X Signature. Only FM and XM radio is mentioned in the Owner's Manual. No AM for production either.

Q: How does the standard HI-FI sound and what are the speaker configurations (i.e., without the upgraded option)?
A: Standard Stereo comes with 9 smaller speakers, no subwoofer and no XM radio.

Q: What is the longest object that fits in Model X with 3rd row folded down and using space between or below the 2nd row seats?
A: In 7 seat configuration -
In 6 seat configuration - my 78" long plane fits in straight with the horizontal stabilizer just shy of the front seat backs. Things that can tilt conveniently (like skis) could be longer. Without the horizontal width of my plane I'd have 80" without encroaching on the space between the front seats.

Q: Are the front row seat headrests adjustable?
A: Hardware is on each car, software control coming soon. (Confirmed. - b.); The headrest adjusts automatically based on how far back the seat is adjusted. The further back the front row seat is moved, the higher the headrest moves because of the height of the person is anticipated to be taller.


Q: Do the windows on the falcon wing doors open?
A: Yes.

Q: How far down do the windows on the falcon wing doors open?
A: About 2/3rds. See the photo posted here.

Q: When pushing the door handles, is there a physical click/depression?
A: There is a click/depression. (A bit hard to explain, it happens in tandem.)

Q: What happens if the FWD door encounters an obstacle upon opening? Does it effect the behavior of the front door on the same side?
A: Yes. If the FWD on that side is detecting an obstacle close to the ground and close the vehicle the control laws will inhibit travel of the front door for auto-open as a safety precaution.

Q: Is there any issue opening FWDs and front doors at the same time (chance of collision)? [disproving a rumor]
A: (supplied by technical team) Front door and falcon door are perfectly fine to open at the same time as the opening arc of the front door is tangent to the arc of the falcon door. The only thing to be aware of is that given the close clearance between the doors, one should be careful not to place one's hand on the outside edge of a closed or nearly closed front door while the falcon door is in motion and also nearing the closed position. Basic due-care that one would apply to similarly-sensitive areas of a conventional door near the hinge point or when nearly closed. (end of technical answer)

Note: Please do NOT remove this answer again because 'a DS said differently'. This answer above has been confirmed by Tesla . THE DOORS DO NOT COLLIDE.

Some confusion may have come from personnel and/or customers misreading an entry in the MCU's owner's manual. It says to avoid doing so but it is for the reasons Bonnie as outlined above -- fingers -- not an issue to the car.

NOT SO FAST -- My front passenger door collided with the falcon door as both were closing. Falcon Door Collided with Front Door

Q: What happens when pressing a FWD's close button when it is already closed? [disproving a rumor]
A: Nothing. The only way to attempt to do that is from the 2nd row button on the pillar - and it beeps and does nothing. (What did people think would happen??)

Q: Will the premium-package front doors detect another car parked close and stop before hitting it?
A: Yes. The auto-opening front doors will stop short of hitting another car parked closed by. Video here.

(confirmed -b.) The auto front doors open appropriately for the parking space width using the Falcon door ultrasonic sensor. This sensor may not detect all obstacles in the door opening width so the user needs to monitor the door operation and intervene if a collision might occur.

Q: Can the premium-package front doors be configured to behave as though we didn't have the package? I.e. auto-present handles, pull to open, interior opening as though we didn't have the premium package, etc.
A: Yes, you can turn off auto-open doors

Q: Assume the car is completely unpowered (system failure, collision, fire, whatever). How do you open the front doors to emergency exit? The rear doors?
A: Front doors and passenger doors can be unlatched from the inside without electrical power, see Owners Manual for details. Much more detail is in the emergency responders guide. To open FWD without power, remove the speaker grill and pull the marched tabs. To open front doors, the door handles open just like a brain-dead car's would.

Q: Also if 12 V battery is dead can you open doors from outside?
A: Yes. But it is tricky. See Owners Manual for details on how to open the Frunk when the 12 volt is dead. It requires opening the towing eye access and pulling two tabs in correct order. Then attach a jumper battery to the 12 volt jumper terminals under the service panel in the Frunk. The instructions about key fob placement under B pillar are for when the fob battery is dead, not the 12 volt battery dying. When the 12 volt is dead there is no non-destructive way into the car except as above.

Q: If a front door won't latch fully due to a defective latch, how can I lock Model X?
A: Pressing the lock icon on the touchscreen will force the locking of the vehicle when a front door is ajar (door manually closed to first latch position, but will not electrically pull-in to lock fully) due to a defective latch. Contact Tesla Motors immediately to have the latch repaired. This suggestion is to lock a parked vehicle when a defective latch prevents locking the car with the key fob or walking away from the car. Driving Model X with a partially latched door is not considered safe by Tesla Motors and will result in warning tones and "Door Open" messages. Cruise control and AP will not operate. Use another vehicle if possible.


Q: What reset or recalibration techniques are there?
A: Another thread has them listed by this breakdown currently (3-Jan-2020):
* Center Display
* Instrument Cluster
* Reset of 'most' systems (4 fingers) ~~
* Reset of 'all' systems
* Front Door Calibration
* Front Door Windows Calibration
* Falcon Wing Door Calibration
* Vehicle Stuck in Park
* Active Spoiler Stuck Down
Model X Reset Techniques


Q: How does the removable tow hitch work?

Q: What type of range loss do you find pulling a trailer with a weight in excess of 2,000 pounds?
A: Aerodynamic drag is the biggest problem with trailers. Large trailers that are both wider and taller than the Model X can cut the range by more than 50%, unless you drive below 45 mph. Weight doesn't hurt all that much on flat trips, but can become a big problem driving over mountain passes, since each additional 1,000 pounds will consume an added 1.5 miles of range for each 1000' gain in elevation. Other than tent-trailers, the Bowlus Road Chief (which weighs about 2500 pounds and has the smallest aerodynamic frontal area among full-size trailers) may be the most practical option for getting around on the Supercharger network. But even towing that trailer between Superchargers in Rocklin and Truckee would be a significant challenge, and on flat drives you must stay below 55 mph to achieve 150 mile range with a 90 kWh pack. See a Rocklin/Truckee trip report.

Q: What type is the towing capacity?
A: Model X FAQ (wiki)

Q: What is 'Cargo Mode'?
A: Not yet implemented (will be an update soon), Cargo Mode will allow you to tilt forward the 2nd row and (assumed) drop the third row from the control panel. From the onboard user manual:

Some additional information suggests the seats in the 3rd row will not auto-fold on current production vehicles but will allow for the second row seats to move into a position to maximize cargo space.

Q: What is "Trailer Mode" and what does it do?
A: Avoid odd handling with something in tow and scraping. "In Trailer Mode, the following Model X features are disabled: Autosteer, AutoPark, Automatic Emergency Braking, Park Assist (rear), Smart Air Suspension will not make speed-based adjustments from STANDARD to LOW, Smart Air suspension does not make automatic height adjustments, based on saved location-based settings, Side collision warnings are active but automatic steering interventions are disabled."
Model X FAQ (wiki)

Q: Does it include an electronic brake controller?
A: The Model X does NOT include an electronic brake controller. If equipped with the tow package, it comes prewired for one. The vehicle should include Tesla P/N 1072586-00-A wiring pigtail to connect an industry-standard controller tho the internal vehicle harness. See directions by @adelman on how to install a Tekonsha Prodigy P2 controller. (But try skipping steps 2 and 3, and just yanking down on the footwell cover, which is step 4.)

Q: What is the guidance for transporting a Model X? Is a flatbed trailer necessary for short distances? How does one drive it onto the trailer without damage? How to strap/secure it and what settings/mode to leave it during transport? How long does it take to put on or take off? What is the lightest weight trailer capable of transporting it? Is the Model X to heavy to be transported/towed by another Model X? (no guessing please)
A. Partial answer: Found this Tesla towing manual: https://www.teslamotors.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/Model_X_Towing_Instructions_NA.pdf?1512. In it it states to set the air suspension (if installed) to "VERY HIGH" and select "Jack" (disables self leveling). Disengage parking brake by selecting "TOW MODE". This keeps the parking brake off and keeps car in "Neutral". (question, what does "neutral" mean? -- wheels allowed to turn freely, no resistance from motor and lock pawl disengaged) Strap down on trailer using the 8-point method "over the tires". Method to reengaging parking brake is described.

Q. Is the standard 1.25" hitch class l or class ll? (As of 1/11/2016 the accessory hitch is 2", and not 1.25" [source])
A. The standard 1.25" accessory receiver is NOT rated for towing any load, so it is neither Class I or II.

Q: What would be largest piece of plywood one could store flat? What is the largest piece one could carry with some accomodation, like on top of the wheelwells, or tilted?
A: 36 inches wide by 60 inches long.

Q: Under what conditions do the various regions of the tail lights illuminate? Specifically, the brake light LED strip on the spoiler, the "normal" sections of the brake lights on the rear (like the S tail lights), and the extra horizontal strip of LEDs the X has below the "normal" sections. I have seen daytime photos of an X in traffic (possibly stopped/brakes on) where it appears the "normal" S-like tail lights are illuminated red, but the LED strips under those taillights and the spoiler lights are off. Wondering if there is some unique or extra functionality in the X design...

A: when you hit the brake pedal OR when regen causes deceleration beyond a specific threshold mentioned in the owner's manual.

----- Latest Update to Firmware/Software Release

See the TeslaFi Firmware tracker.

Q: My Tablet screen has frozen after applying a firmware update, what do I do?
A: This happened to me with the first OTA firmware update on my X. I called Tesla Service. They told me to reset the tablet by pressing and holding both steering wheel scroll buttons until the screen goes dark. After releasing will see the Tesla "T" then the screen should be restored and usable.
Thanks for all the info!
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