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Model Y top glass replacement, Massachusetts

I have a 2' crack in the top glass of my model Y. I used the Tesla app to schedule and appt but was later told by the first 2 service centers I was scheduled at (Watertown and Dedham), that they don't replace the top glass. They suggested I use Safelite Auto glass. After a few calls I found out that Safelite will also not replace that section of glass. I did get referred to Peabody Tesla and they do replace that section and have the glass in stock. I wanted to post this so others form Massachusetts can hopefully go directly to Peabody and avoid the hassle. It would be very nice for the app to limit appointments to service centers that can do the work.
I'm scheduled for next week. This damage is covered by insurance (seems to be a rock chip that started the crack). Normally you would just go to the glass shop, they would do the replacement and bill insurance directly (at least that's how it works in MA). The service center doesn't deal with insurance so I will have to pay them directly and be reimbursed by my insurance. I have let my insurance company know about the damage and will update this post on that process as I go through it.
We have generally had good experience with service, both remote and at the dealer (my wife has a 3). But they aren’t conveniently located and as there are more Teslas on the road they won’t be able to keep up without opening more service centers or certifying other mechanics
Tesla Peabody took in the car today. They were going to have me wait (about 3-4 hrs for top glass replacement) but as i had another issue (squeek in L rear) they gave me a loaner. Just saw updated on my app that car will be ready tomorrow.
That was the same response I received when I spoke with Safelight. So it had to go through the insurance company directly (instead of through their glass repair arm). After contacting Safelight and finding only Tesla could do the repair and that they weren't an approved glass repair shop, I scheduled an appt with Tesla through the app (have to go to Peabody MA). I then contacted my insurance company about the claim and explained the issue. They had to put it though the normal (non-glass) comprehensive damage process. This required and appraisal; which they are doing remotely. So I had to send in a number of pictures (all sides of the car, VIN, as well as the glass damage) and I sent in the estimate from Tesla. All those pictures are good as it helps you show it is only glass damage without any other damage to the car. Once the repair was complete, I let the insurance company know and sent them Tesla's final price. They initially reimbursed me minus my $500 deductible. It took an email to remind them it was a no-deductible glass claim that couldn't go through the normal process and they reimbursed me for the $500 deductible as well. So I ended with new roof glass all paid by my insurance company. However the process was definitely not as seamless as with a standard glass repair.