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More quality issue

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december built car, noticed 3 of 4 taillights have condensations inside. Is this normal?


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I have had the following problems with my car. Most of them are small, but still annoying and frankly a little QA job would fix it way quicker.

#1 Loose fender plastic trim (80% fixed, still not perfect)
#2 Charger port (Replaced after one failed polish)
#3 Side mirror chrome bubbling (fixed)
#4 Broken parking brakes (fixed)
#5 Middle seats making noises due to a stuck carpet panel (fixed)
#6 Voice command button died (fixed after two tries)
#7 Rubbing FWD
#8 Frunk seal deforming (fixed)
#9 Loose weatherstripping (fixed)
#10 Rear taillight condensation

I am not including the panel gaps and the three Control Alt Del moment I had to do.

Car is great for sure, high quality, not really
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