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Most Idiotic TV clip about Tesla

Old TV Clip (Bloomberg): Wrongly Predicting Tesla's Demise

I saw this when googling videos posted within 24hrs, not sure why it came up but things sure have changed!

Back then their consensus on Tesla was that the buyers got the car for is cool look and cause they feel cool helping the environment and rarely drive their car due to fear of battery degredation

Is Trouble on the Way for Elon Musk and Tesla? - Bloomberg Business

In my family its the opposite: My Dad barely ever drove any of his fancy sportscars other than on dates (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Bentley etc) for fear of depreciation for high mileage, he had a cheap daily driver. But ever since he got his Tesla he ONLY drives his Tesla, and I drive mine 60+ miles/day commuting to work which makes it much more enjoyable. We have absolutely no concern over the battery degradation, cars are meant to be driven and if it gets replaced within the 8 yr warranty then great, if not its still cheaper replacing the battery then buying new (not sure if other things like the motors would need replacement but I think ICE cars have expensive repairs too after 8 yrs)

We got Teslas for many reasons, the environment being the least of them:
1. Thrill of acceleration that rivals supercars costing millions
2. Awesome 17" screen and tech
3. Over-the-air updates that IMPROVE the car over time, I was shocked when my 85D went from 5.2s 0-60 to 4.4s overnight a month after purchase!
4. Highest safety ratings
5. No longer having to waste time and $ at gas stations (most people only need to use superchargers on long trips), I commute 60 miles a day
6. Dual motor had just come out when I was looking for a new car, helps with the harsh Chicago winter
7. Even with all the above benefits, the one thing that pushed me over the edge to get the Tesla was Autopilot! I traded in my Subaru Legacy with Eyesight stereoscopic cameras for only $17K to get my $95K S85D; I ignored Tesla when I got the Subaru in 2013 because it didn't even have adaptive cruise and the Subaru had the best-rated collision avoidance (braking to prevent an accident if within 30mph of the car in front) along with adaptive cruise and lane departure warning; I could have gotten a cheap electric car or cheaper sportscar for fast acceleration but I knew nothing could compare to Autopilot once it was released. Although like others I was disappointed to wait this long but it is worth it and I feel like an executive driving my Tesla compared to my old car!

I am also tired of recent news spinning the truth to get attention, for example when someone set autopilot to speed 75mph in a 60 speed limit they put the heading like "Autopilot causes user to get speeding ticket" as if the CAR set the speed lmfao.. or saying the failures of humans using autopilot in areas they shouldn't (e.g. 2-lane road going uphill to a curve with oncoming traffic and no hands on the wheel) are faults of autopilot.. it is slander. Examples:
"Tesla's Autopilot driving dangerously"
"Tesla's autopilot breaks the rules AGAIN: Model S gets pulled over for doing 75mph in a 60mph zone while using new feature"

The best news I've seen is from Stephen Colbert who OWNS a Tesla and he is completely positive on his segment about Autopilot.
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Yeah... didnt I hear something about Tesla working on swapping out batteries as a method of quick "charging"? I seem to recall them saying this would cost around as much as a tank of gas... and would effectively eliminate the battery degradation issue. No? One would assume they reuse the cells, but would take them out of circulation once they degrade past optimal performance.
Cory Johnson is a well-known bear but the two biased interviewers made it seem like a low budget infomercial and not a news segment.

It was interesting to see Cory riding with Elon during the Roadster days. I wonder what Elon said to him that left him so butthurt about Tesla.

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