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Mount Transponder - Toll Roads

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After many tries and reading numerous threads, finally found a perfect spot that triggered the transponder every times so far.

It's to overlap it with the black coating as much as possible because it doesn't have the coating!

Wow... those seem really intrusive. We had something similar in Ohio for the turnpike there. Here in Florida we have little stickers you put on the glass, easily hidden behind the rear-view. They're five bucks and you throw them away if you sell the car.
Directly to the right if the rear view mirror, as high top as possible. I have a 70d but I think each car, the black area is different. The concept is to find that black paint area and cover as much of it as possible with the transponder
I just completed a 3,500 mile 15-state road trip and used my ez-pass extensively. My transponder worked in some states and not others in this position. I eventually dismounted it and opened the sunroof every time I went through.

In Illinois and Virginia the lanes don't have gates, and they will fallback to photos if the transponder doesn't work. In Indiana or Ohio (I forget which) they have a barcode scanner that you can place your transponder in if it doesn't work (this gives you an idea how common failure is.)

In one state (Indiana?) the transponder wasn't read when I got on, but it was read when I got off. The result being I was charged the maximum amount.

Using the license plate frame transponder is not an option for me because in Virginia we have flex transponders that have a HOV selector on it to indicate if you're currently HOV. You can't do that with the license plate. I really wish Tesla would address this problem.
on the rear glass on passenger side near the top are two antennas in the glass. there is no IR coating there and it will work perfectly.. they look like two defroster lines that don't terminate anywhere..place your device parallel and between the two antennas.. works great.
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