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New Autopilot Behavior on 2018.14.13

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Just got my model 3 back from service with 2018.14.13 and noticed something different on the highway (I think).

Previously AP would recognize the shoulder as an additional lane on the highway and this time it did not, so I started paying closer attention to when the additional lanes where showing up.

Anytime I was adjacent to a solid lane line, the additional lane on the screen disappeared. As soon as the lane line would change to dashed, the screen would show the new lane.

For example, a lane merging onto the highway has a long straight run with a solid white line. Even though the lane was wide open and clear, the car would not recognize the lane until it was dashed.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior or maybe prove me wrong by crossing a solid white line with lane change?

Maybe this is in response to the crash? Or prep work for new eap features?
I think this is similar to the behavior in AP1. Adjacent lanes will show up on the screen when there are dashed lines, indicating that you can perform an automatic lane change. When the lines are solid, automatic lane changes are not allowed and additional lanes do not appear on the screen. It's possible they have implemented this feature on AP2 on Model 3.
Does anyone have a good comprehensive video review of the model 3 EAP?

To help convince people like me to say that it’s worth the $5k?

That's a pretty high number.

Can it be $2500? That's what AP1 was, and AP2 has now just barely reached parity (depending on who you talk to). It's probably worth about $2500 right now.

When the E of the AP comes out then maybe it will be worth $5k.