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New Model Y LR cost is 53000$ today onwards (excluding Tax rebate of 7500$).I bought my model Y in December for 65000$

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I am sorry to hear that many feel cheated. It is a shame and poor business practice from Tesla. I put m order in 5 days ago and I struggle on whether I will take delivery.

In the spring I bought a new Honda CRV. I thought it was safe to buy from Honda and the CRV had a good rep.

I started to smell gas when it was parked in the garage. I thought it was so odd coming from a new car. I decided to do some research and I find out that the CRV engine is known for oil dilution; gas was getting into the oil. In time this will cause great wear on your Turbo engine. Honda has had this issue with this engine since 2018 but they kept putting them in the CRV. It was cheaper for them to handle some cases in court than to redesign a new engine. For the few where the issue was serious like mine, it was tough cookies. It turned out well as I sold it to a Honda dealership and lost only $300 on the difference (crazy car prices back in the spring).

Moral of the story? Car companies are not that reliable or honorable. You can only try to make the best decision for you and your family unit.
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