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New Model Y Remote connectivity issue

So I'm on Android, found there was an update for the app in the play store so I gave it a go. No improvement.

Then I cleared the app cache, signed back into the app and set the phone as a key back up (was easier than the first time, I didn't need the physical key or to even be in the car).

I can now have app connectivity back for all functions (at least for now) except live camera feed. I get an error there, saying daily data limit reached. Which is odd, because while messing about I only got to see about 2 minutes of live camera feed after signing back it.

Seems kind of like Tesla thinks the car was beaming it to the cloud but it wasn't making it to my phone.

After re-setting up the app I was able to use my phone as a key to get in, start the car, change from easy entry to regular profiles and back again, and when I got out of the car it locked itself as I walked away.

I'm hoping this is a fix for me that lasts more than 24hrs and my camera feed comes back tomorrow.
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I don't think it's just us. Lots of folks on Reddit also having issues. I think something on Tesla's back end got messed up.

For some, signing out of the app and back in is resolving most of the issues. Some have also re installed the app. This is basically what I've done, though I didn't do a full uninstall - I manually cleared the app cache though.
Im assuming tesla is not using t-mobile, and so their ( car) cell service should easily be better
In most situations, coverage by provider varies. There are places, where AT&T is better, Verizon is better and T-Mobile is better. So you cannot say that the car service is better because it didn't have T-Mobile.

The car is using AT&T from my knowledge, but not 5G, and that makes a difference.
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