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Newbie Tesla 2013 P85 Owner Here... Welcome all the advice from the Tesla Community.

Hi everyone!

In March 2021, I just bought a used 2013 Tesla S P85, with only 41kms on it.

Very excited to be a Tesla owner! Huge fan/supporter of Tesla, SpaceX, Elon Musk.

Glad to join this community, welcome all your input/feedback.

I had the following issues right when I bought the vehicle:

- modem issue (could not connect) (NOW FIXED)
(reboot didn't work, hard/soft reboot, call to Tesla Support to reset while in a hotel WIFI area... finally Tesla said I have to replace the whole modem chip at $700 cost... but when I went in to get that done, they did figure out that they could re-install software/upgrade software... and got LTE working! They only charged me $90! Thanks Tesla!)

- front right passenger door, handle presents itself, but tug on it won't actuate the opening mechanisms/motor. (NOW FIXED)
($700 repair but they discounted to $400 all in)

- front left upper control arm worn, needs replace. (PENDING REPAIR)
(quoted by Tesla $350 parts, $280+tax service)

- AC warning: "Air Conditioning reduced. DC Fast Charging / Supercharging rate may be reduced". (PENDING REPAIR)
(now being quoted by Tesla for a $3200 repair, where parts alone are: AC Compressor $1590, AC Line - condenser to evap $69, TXV valve $555.

- TPMS sensor issue (x1, but all 4 replacement is suggested)
(My local tire expert says he can fix this for me no problem with new replacement tpms sensors)

- Driver's wiper worn out (NOW FIXED)
(I replaced at PartSource for $27+tx with Trico Neoform 16-2815 28" "smartclick installation")

- Also planning the following service as a precaution/maintenance:
- Air Filter replace.
- Brake service.

- My wife bought a centre console organizer, much better.
- I plan to find/buy cargo organizers for trunk & frunk.
- I bought cute little Tesla valve caps.

Can anyone suggest the generic brake pad/rotor numbers for OEM repairs if/when I need? Is it Brembo?

I am truly enjoying the car ...

I welcome any advice that you may have to help address these issues more cost effectively.

Thanks so much!
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That list is pretty much identical to the list of work I had to have done. I bought my 2013 P85 a year ago. I just redid the control arms and sway links. I had window actuators bad in both front windows. I would really recommend MCU2, since you may not know now but eventually it will start taking the car longer and longer to start. You'll find yourself waiting in a parking lot wondering if it'll turn on. MCU2 should give it many more years of life.

As for part numbers, I've been having good luck looking them up here: Parts Catalog Once you're there, login and pick the model from the drop down. You can use the phone app to ask for an order to be placed with your part numbers. They'll give you the estimate before you pay, you can also pay in the app. I have been doing some of the repairs on my own (I like to tinker)
i dont know how handy you are with a wrench but you can save a fortune if you DIY on any repairs. i have a 14 P85D
also for your AC reduced issue before you piss away a fortune on the AC it might not be broken, i had that error come up 2 times and both times it wasn't the AC. First time it was the louvers weren't opening so no outside air could get in to cool the coolant. Second time i disconnected the 12v negative and then pulled the firemans loop and waited like 10 min and put it back together and it works great, and has ever since and that was almost a year ago now.
Both times tesla told me it was my AC needed replaced and it would be like 3 grand. i bought brand new louvers from tesla for about $580 and changed them in my driveway in a couple hours.
Door handles are a DIY fix i prefer the kit from evtuning, its more expensive than other kits but with their kit you only have to do each handle once. Ive done 2 of my doors and i have the kit ready to go when the other ones break.
Enjoy your new car and make sure you check out the free online service manual to help with future repairs