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control arm

  1. J

    creaking @slow speed /turning after upper control arms replaced

    I understand this topic has been discussed quite a bit over the years so don’t beat me up too much, but I am curious y’all’s thoughts on my best course of action given my circumstance. just bought a used 20M3P from a Hyundai dealership in Huntington Beach and within a day, I had the creaking at...
  2. J

    Buy a New Tesla or w/significant warranty

    but do yourself a favor and skip buying one out of warranty as you will soon pay just as much in repairs for simple things as the cost of new ownership… I spent 6 months renting a Tesla 3 from hertz (at an egregious and ludicrous cost) while I ubered in it, fell in love with it, and undoubtedly...
  3. H

    Tesla Model 3 Front Upper Control Arms

    Has anyone had any experience with noise from front upper control arms? Got quite a bit of noise when stationary turning the wheel. Attached some pictures and as I was taking them spotted a rusted o ring which is the same for both sets on either side of the wheel which looks suspicious.
  4. D

    2019 Model S P100D pulls left on acceleration. Tesla says needs Rear Lower Control Arm Assemblies?

    With just 51,000 kms and the clock out on the 4 yr warranty 1 month ago I am being told that I need >$2500 CAD worth of work to correct what is a left pull on acceleration. The two main expense parts are 10221416-00-D's "RR/LR Susp LCA". Does anyone have any experience with sort of situation...
  5. M

    Tesla suspension repairs outside of dealer

    Hi I keep hearing conflicting stories so maybe I could get advice here. Need control arm replaced and some say most experienced tesla suspension shops can do but others have said has to be done at dealer because of the way the car has to be lifted and potential damages to battery and suspension...
  6. vandacca

    2016 Model-X Catastrophic failure of rear control arm

    I just had my 2016 Model X (Rear, Driver-side) control arm failure as I was about to get onto the highway. I made a left-hand turn and heard a clunk (thought it was a rock or gravel) and then noticed car pulling to the left. I tried to pull over to inspect just before getting onto the highway...
  7. M

    ‘18 M3 noise — control arm issue?

    I’ve had squealing coming from my driver’s side front wheel for awhile now and it’s starting to get worse. I had mobile service take a look more than a year ago and they did a burnishing and called it a day. That didn’t help and I later took it to a SC where I mentioned the upper control arm but...
  8. S

    Control Arm Safety Issue

    So I have been reading about safety issues with the control arm on some of these vehicles, because mine just completely fell apart. I have had the car for a while - 2015 Model S P85D and I bought it used in 2017, but never has anything happened to me in a car before even an older one. I was...
  9. G

    Cracking noise around front left wheel (with video), SC says normal trim noise?

    Hi: My 2019 M3 AWD is developing a disturbing cracking sound around front left wheel / fronk / suspension area. I've been having this concern over the last half year, went to service center twice, and they said it's "normal interior trim noise as vehicle gets older". I've attached a short video...
  10. T

    Control Arm backorder

    My Model 3 Tesla unfortunates started making that horrendous creaking noise and I requested service about 2 months ago. They keep pushing back my appointment because the control arm is on backorder. They keep telling me that it’s safe to drive. I hate driving it because it has gotten so loud and...
  11. J

    Control Arm Replacement with Aftermarket Suspension

    Hello everyone, My 2020 M3 recently began squeaking around the front passenger side. It seems to be the common control arm issue. I made a service request with Tesla and since I have an after market air suspension, the cost will be out of pocket. They are willing to replace the arms regardless...
  12. N

    Strutmasters Control Arms

    My front control arm bushings are starting to go out on my 2014 MS, so I started looking around for replacements. Through Tesla, I am looking at just over $1500 in parts for all 6 pieces. I ran across a site called Strutmasters where the same parts with shipping are only $760. Has anyone here...
  13. X

    FS: Model 3 2020 Part Out -- Mirror Caps, OEM Rear Camber Arms, MPP FLCA

    Hey all, Selling my car so I have a few parts for sale. Located in Bay Area (Milpitas, San Jose, Fremont) All items are cash OBO local, prefer not to ship but if I have to then Zelle/Paypal preferred with flat rate shipping cost. Both mirror caps and MPP FLCA are brand new, open box and...
  14. J

    Newbie Tesla 2013 P85 Owner Here... Welcome all the advice from the Tesla Community.

    Hi everyone! In March 2021, I just bought a used 2013 Tesla S P85, with only 41kms on it. Very excited to be a Tesla owner! Huge fan/supporter of Tesla, SpaceX, Elon Musk. Glad to join this community, welcome all your input/feedback. I had the following issues right when I bought the...
  15. A

    Metal popping noises after control arm replacement

    2018 Model 3, LR dual motor. I recently went to a SC to get a control arm replaced. Shortly after the replacement, a new noise emerged. When driving up a driveway (and first pulling onto a steeper grade), a metal 'pop' sound occurs under the front floorboards. The noise can be felt, but is...
  16. EVTuning

    Vendor EV Tuning Adjustable Rear Control Arms Now Available!

    We have put together a comprehensive product line of adjustable rear control arms to help both with unsprung weight and give you the adjustability that wasn't available from the factory. The arms are available separately or save by buying them as a set! They come with 7075 Aluminum adjuster...
  17. C

    Lower Control Arm Failure

    I have a 2017 Model S. Yesterday, when I was backing up slowly in a parking lot, I heard a loud crunching, scraping sound, and then my front right wheel "fell off." Taking a closer look, it appears that the lower control arm sheered off from the wheel assembly (see pics). I didn't hit anything...
  18. R

    Another front suspension control arm failure

    Reversing out of a parking space we heard a very loud sound followed by a grinding/scraping noise from the front right. At first we thought we'd run over something, but there was nothing under or anywhere near the car. Moving the car forwards, the car felt like it first jacked up a bit on the...