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"No Products Found" [in tesla account, question about solar gateway]

Hi all - just received PTO a few days ago (16KW, no powerwalls). When I launch the Tesla app, I get the error message "No Products Found" , so it seems the Tesla gateway is not communicating? The inverters both show production, and the Neo gateway has a single solid light with no error messages - plus my mesh network sees the gateway and show it as connected. When I go into the Solaredge app, it tells me Zigbee is not connected, so perhaps a communication issue from the inverters? Any troubleshooting help appreciated as I haven't yet gotten any from Tesla support. Is there a way to directly log into the gateway to see if it is receiving anything?
no, there is no way to directly log into the little black box solar gateway (neo gateway). you might want to contact tesla to make sure it (the neo gateway) is correctly paired to your account.

If the little black box neo gateway has a white light and the light that says "no signal" is not lit, its communicating with something... but if your inverter doesnt show zigbee connected, is that because ethernet is connected at your inverter?

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