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No TACC or Autopilot - Genuine issue or bad service?

Interesting, this seems very similar! Sometimes pulling out of the driveway I can see the flicker of a car that’s in the distance on the screen, but then nothing else the whole drive, so could possibly be something heat related, I never thought of that. Have service tried to tell you it’s software related or are they happy to take it in to take a look? They keep cancelling my service requests due to it being a 'software' issue so I can’t even get anyone to look at it.

Your issue seems to be similar, but not identical to mine. Here's a photo (blurry) showing the static driving display on my car. I don't get any lane markings or anything camera-related at all. No parking sensors or anything. Service has not yet blamed software, since I made sure they knew this was intermittent and had been occurring off and on over the past 4+ months. I have tried recalibrating the cameras as well. The only thing that seems to help is resting the car overnight, and even that doesn't always work. Once I saw the animated driving display come on for a couple of seconds and then off, then on and off again. Every other instance the driving display is simply frozen and static from the instant I power up the car.


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So after turning off the app, turning off cabin overheat, resetting my Tesla password and letting the car sleep for a few hours. I've just had a quick drive up and down the motorway and it worked for a good 5 mins! That's the most I've had visualizations and Autopilot for in weeks so that's a step in the right direction my eyes! However after those five mins the cars around me started to flick on and off until eventually going off and not coming back again.

I'm counting this as a win though for now! I'm going to let it deep sleep till the morning and try again and see if its back to normal. Its crazy that I have to let my car sleep for it to function properly haha 🤣
Well, we need sleep to function 🙃

Resist interacting with the Tesla app at all, as just opening it wakes the car up if it’s asleep.
I've logged out of the app to stop the urge haha :D I also have a tesla widget on my iOS homescreen so I assume every time I use my phone it would wake up the car to update the widget? Another possible issue!

Ill stay logged out for now and update on any news tomorrow :) Thanks everyone for their help
Sorry for the rant! Tesla Model 3 LR - 71 Reg

So for about two weeks now my car has been unable to detect and display other vehicles on the screen, and because of this TACC and Autopilot no longer work. When trying to engage either of these an error pops onto the screen, when tapping the error it says to schedule a service appointment. So of course I did this!

The service rep (or whoever it is you chat with through the app) told me this was a software issue and repushed a software update to the car (2022.24.8 I think it was). This didn’t fix the issue and the service rep continued to tell me this is a software issue affecting loads of people and that we will have to wait weeks/months for a fix to be pushed. After searching around this forum and others I’m yet to see anyone else reporting this issue? I’ve also asked if they can roll back my software version to which I’m told this would void the warranty.

Today I got another update (2022.28.2) which i hoped might fix the issue but it did not. :(

So my questions are;

  1. Does anyone else have this same issue as me as the service rep had indicated loads do?
  2. If so what info have you been told?
  3. Has anyone ever had their software version rolled back or has the chat rep lied to me?
I find it hard to believe that main features like these can just suddenly stop working on a large scale and we are expected to wait what could be months to get them back again :confused: I’m convinced it’s an issue with my car haha.
I’ve upgraded from 20 to 28.2 today and I’m getting exactly this!
Definitely the latest software causing issues as it was fine yesterday.
Have you got any joy improving it?
It wouldn’t even work on a straight motorway today 😩
I’ve upgraded from 20 to 28.2 today and I’m getting exactly this!
Definitely the latest software causing issues as it was fine yesterday.
Have you got any joy improving it?
It wouldn’t even work on a straight motorway today 😩
I’m on 2022.36.2 and yesterday ap and tacc were unavailable. After a 90 mile journey with no cruise I then discover that the car won’t lock either from the app or the keycard. I’ve booked a service call but they’re not coming until Thursday. They tried to fix the door locking remotely but no joy. Looks like I’ll have sleep in the car until then 😕
Not good for you both but im sort of glad im not the only one! 😂

No joy im afraid! Left the car to sleep for over a week while i was on holiday and its still not working! Its been over a month for me now and all i get back from Tesla is its ‘software’ still.
I found a solution to my CC/AP/FSD woes. Apparently, my three forward facing cameras were on the blink, sometimes working and sometimes not, and they were out of alignment as well. Tesla Service installed a new camera module and mounting bracket and all is greatly improved. AP is suddenly useful. Hooray! :)

Inline Triple Cam, S/X/3(1120520-00-B): $175
Triple Cam RR View Mirror Mount Plate (Pitch Down 1.2 Deg)(1126328-02-A): $9.90
Labor: $138.75

FYI - The Model S USB module in the center console, USB MEDIA HUB PORTS(1004815-01-B), costs $30 and the labor to install it was $166.50.
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Could it be that the latest software is monitoring the cabin camera more and if I’m being more inattentive it’s disengaging and then “punishing me” with prolonged periods of not offering it?

I’m not 💯 convinced as watching it last night the FSD preview lost all the other cars towards the end of my commute for no apparent reason.
For anyone still suffering with this issue, ive raised another service request as im nearing the two month mark now without TACC and autopilot. The response is attached. (Ive removed names haha)

With this issue not affecting many people its not going to be high on the priority list and we could be waiting many more months. Is there anything we can do about this? I feel like im paying top money on a PCP for a car I hardly use anymore because of it :confused:


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All that does if leave a marker in the logs. It doesn’t raise anything with Tesla. You need to then separately raise an issue with Tesla within iirc 2 weeks to they can remotely look at the logs round about when you tagged them.

But it will make some feel better thinking that someone at the end of the button press will have been acting on things. Spoiler alert - they won’t have.

I use to regularly report issues until Tesla told me to separately raise a service request with approx time of the issue.
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I’ve raised as service request today as it’s still absolute rubbish.
I used to use TACC and auto steer daily. Now it’s virtually useless.
Let us know if they say anything different to you! My service requests just get removed after a few days.

Im very much in the same position, My commute is a 60 mile round trip of all motorway. I used TACC and Autopilot daily and was the main reason i bought the car. 2 months later i'm using the Mrs car to drive to work (A Volkswagen Up :( - A slight downgrade I know) because it at least has basic cruise.
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I would raise it to your finance company, if they own the car they should be applying pressure to Tesla or giving you a refund for a car that doesn't work.

Surely the software problem must in some way be specific to your cars, otherwise we would all have the issue. Why can't they change whatever it is that's making it specific. Maybe ask them to explain why they can't replace the autopilot computer, so you are no longer in this small group that is affected. Sounds very frustrating and you have my sympathy.
@Lord Farquad have you had any update from tesla yet with your service request?

Ive had the two updates since (36.5 and 36.6) and neither fix or even help with this issue :(
Same updates for me and no improvement.

They do seem to be interested. I have an open service dialogue with them and it’s been escalated to a “senior engineer” after I pointed out that forward collision isn’t working when TACC fails. They’ve got data logs and dash cam from my car.

Cameras are fine so it’s either software or related to the Autopilot computer.