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Non-Owner and On-line reservation received invite to order

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Just got mine too. 6:48 pm PST. Reserved online at about 7:20 pm on March 31st, roughly 40 minutes before the unveil. Live in San Diego. Non-owner.

Changed from $35K to $49K earlier this month once $35K went from "Early 2018" to "Late 2018" cause $49K one said April-June. Now I need to figure out if I can actually afford that...
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Day one, in store, 3:31 pm and nothing. I think Tesla is just throwing darts at a board to see who gets to configure. How else can a day one online reservation at 7:30 pm get to configure before a lot of us. Oh well, it will happen sooner or later.
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11:30 a.m. in Las Vegas here. March 5 is when Troy's estimator predicts my configuration date to be. Guess I'll hibernate until then, with the full expectation that the day may come and go without incident based on the diminishing weekly delivery estimates.
I seriously think that one's proximity to a service center is taking priority over someone who physically waited in line. To me that's the only explanation as to how online reservation holders that reserved hours later are getting their config emails now.

The theory of delivery capacity is likely a bigger factor. Although I live in a dense city (NYC), I'm about four miles away from the service center and I reserved around 1pm (with no invite yet).
The invite may arrive AFTER you get access to configure. Sign into the Tesla site and manage your reservation. You may find you are able to configure. Or it may be like Elon said Computers are getting too smart for us (I assume you are watching this X-Files) Creepy!

Non-owner, line waiter, reserved around noon in LA. Got my invite today.

Estimate shows Late 2018 for dual motor and config shows mid-2018. Hope it's mid-2018 so I'll wait, and if not, I'll place my order for Single Motor when Tesla reaches 200k cars sold.
3/31/16 line-waiter in Devon, PA that reserved at 10:30am. March-May according to Estimator. Nothing. Hearing online folks getting invites has me irked.
This better not have something to do with a Tesla store/service center being built not far from me in NJ. It was supposed to be done 12/31/17 and it still looks barely started.
Maybe it has something to do with the amount of line waiters in that area. If there were 1000 line waiters in area 1 and only 500 M3 available for area 1 this round, then all of them will be line waiter. If there were 300 line waiters in area 2, and 500 M3 available, then 200 of them will go to online orders. It makes sense as there are only a fixed number of delivery centers, so the invites has to be limited to how many M3 they could deliver.