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(not so) Wild guess about MY SR RWD battery capacity?

MY SR RWD Battery Capacity?

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Just took delivery of a SR RWD Model Y last Friday in Scottsdale AZ. I've been scouring the web ever since to find documentation of the battery capacity... to no avail. Unfortunately, I have no access to the scanning tools others mention on the forums, so I'll guess:

Although the window sticker lists a front motor as standard equipment (oops!) the EPA/DOT Fuel Economy is 129MPGe (140 city/119 hwy), with 26 kWh per 100 miles and a fully charged range of 244 seems accurate. Doing the math (.26 kWh per mile / 244 mile range) the usable battery is 63.44 kWh. Not a bad result.

Tracking my first week of driving MY SR on TeslaFi, I've travelled 385 actual miles and used 102 kWh (.264 kWh per mile). So this data seems to validate the 26 kWh per 100 mile efficiency listed on the window sticker. However, I've used 482 "rated" miles, at .21 kWh per mile yielding a 51.63 kWh usable battery. I'm guessing that my "actual" data is more accurate to use for this guess.

Any other guesses about MY SR RWD battery capacity, or comments about the implications of the SR RWD battery pack relative to its AWD siblings?
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