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Outdoor HPWC cable holster

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Mar 31, 2016
Alameda, CA
I plan to mount the High Power Wall Charger inside the garage as I hope to keep the car indoors a LOT, but I realize that I will be lazy and want to charge outside. I currently have a J1772 setup this way. I ordered a 3D printed holster for the J1772 so that I can leave the cord outside holstered to the wall and just pull up and hook up. No going into the garage all the time.

I have searched here and just the entire internet and I am finding people who carry pistols in their Tesla, but not finding a holster to hold the Tesla charge cable on the wall when not charging. What are other people doing? I know I could put the HPWC outside but then I have the same question for hanging the cable inside the garage you see.

We bought one shortly after we got our Model S although we have a 14-50 outlet with the corded UMC cable which we set up in a more or less permanent installation in our garage. It's a nice stylish "hook", complements our Tesla and reasonably priced. They do go in and out of stock on Tesla's website, sometimes out of stock for a while, so for those who are waiting for their car to arrive or waiting to configure down the road and looking for a solution if you like Tesla's solution, order it while you can.

I'm not sure if the service centers keep any in stock but also worth an ask. We're pretty sure our cable holder came from our service center as no label was on the box which we still had. I know the corded UMC cable was stocked but they said they only would get in a few of those units and sold out fast.

BTW we also charge our car outside in the driveway. We put little "blocks" on each side of the cord (slightly higher than the cord's diameter) so the garage door doesn't come down on the cord and crimp it. First time we used the charging cable outside with the garage door down and without any cord protection we did notice a crease line in the cord and didn't want to damage a $450 item.
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I also got one from Topfit store.I think it works well.I like their logo "Topfit"They also sold all kinds of different accessories for Tesla.
I got this delivery for one week.I will prepare to write a review for the silicone key cover and cable organizer.Thanks for sharing here.
Here is an update on the Tesla cable organizer. Although the web site at the time said (and still does say) at least 4 weeks needed to fulfill, I placed an order and it was delivered in about 10 days via FedEx. It also happens to be cheaper than the 3rd party ones listed above. I have two of the Tesla organizers installed in garages and they work well, and you can use the rear mounting bracket to fix a cable to wall, and then the front part has room to wrap the cable and hold the handle. Note the angle of handle when placed in the holster is such that the Tesla one is lower profile than the 3rd party ones pictured on Amazon (i.e. the latter have handle sticking out more perpendicular to wall rather than more parallel like the Tesla OEM version). This may be an issue for you in tight quarters (it was for me). There are also eBay sources, and you can download a design and 3D print your own.