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  1. R

    HPWC GFCI breaker trips only on Model 3 loaner, not on Model Y

    I've been using a HPWC on a 14-50, derated to 40A, as a temporary solution until I hardwire in a few units. Yes, technically this is not 1) to code and 2) can cause issues as the HPWC has ground fault protection built-in. That said, it's been working for hundreds of charge cycles on our MY. It...
  2. P

    FS: Gen 2 Wall Connector/Charger (80A)

    For sale, matte black gen 2 high performance wall connector (80 amp), got it from a referral back in the day. Box is opened but the unit has never been used or taken out. Local sale preferred (Seattle), but we can talk about shipping if you make it worth my while. Asking $600/obo. Also have...
  3. D

    Gen 1 HPWC Death - "Charging Stopped - Power lost while charging"

    So it looks like my HPWC gave up the ghost. It completed its last charge successfully, no lightning storms/surges that I know of since then, and the mobile charger works like a charm so not thinking it is the car. Tried resetting, cutting power, etc, to no avail. I'm going to guess that last...
  4. solodogg

    Tesla HPWC (Elon signature edition 80A)

    Gen 2 Tesla Wall Connector in matte black with Elon’s signature. This was only available as a referral reward, never available for purchase directly from Tesla. 80A charging capability for the dual charger Model S and Model X. All screws/accessories included along with the original manual...
  5. D

    Best charging practice/set up for a Roadster (1.5 in North America in specifically)

    I am in New York and have a 1.5 that is garaged and rarely driven. My charging objective is to do what is best to extend the life of its battery and the PEM. I presently have the early mobile connector (yellow cable with GFCI like plug) and the earlier (not the Clipper Creek) HPWC for the...
  6. M

    WTB: Tesla Gen 2 High Powered Wall connector - 24Ft cable

    I am interested in purchasing a (new in box / Unused) Tesla Gen 2 Wall connector. I currently have an existing Gen 2 and I need a second to setup power sharing (Ordered a Model Y). If anyone has one for sale please PM me.
  7. T

    FS: NEW Tesla Wall Connector Charger GEN 2 Black 24 Feet 80 Amps HPWC SoCal

    For Sale: New Tesla Wall Connector Charger GEN 2 Black 24 Feet - Gen 2 can go up to 80 amps for faster charging versus Gen 3 (48 amps) Location: Los Angeles, CA - Prefer selling local. Not planning to ship package for now. Price: $600 New, never used. Planned to install this at previous home...
  8. G

    HPWC not working

    Hello everyone. I could use some help. So I've had the HPWC that came with my Model S for over 5 years now. It has been working flawlessly since day one. Suddenly it just stopped charging my car. Here are some info: 1. Green light at the front 2. I've switched the circuit breaker of the HPWC...
  9. B

    Wall connector version?

    Can anyone help me identify which gen wall connector this is. Looking to buy it from a local but the details are light (previous home owners left it behind).
  10. TommyElectron

    FS: So Cal Gen 3 HPWC Wall Connector 18ft Cord

    Lightly used. Comes with all hardware and original box. Will post pictures later. $460 local pick up in Zip 91770. PM with number if interested.
  11. S

    FS: Used(in box) Gloss black Gen2 HPWC, 80 amp, 24ft

    Gloss black, comes in original box(minus some foam, but will be well packed) with all original accessories/screws/black screw caps. Looks new except for a minor scuff or two on the faceplate. Charging handle is pristine. Maybe a year's home use on it. Rev -H. I'd accept $475. Tested and is...
  12. R


    Up for sale is a brand new, never used Tesla Gen II Wall Connector! These highly desirable Gen 2 wall connectors charge at an 80-amp rate, compared to only 48-amps of the Gen 3 wall charger. It has a 24' cable and I'm located in Southern California. Asking $670.
  13. S

    Gen3 HPWC disassembly, with overheating issues explained!

    Caution: Wall of text ahead! So, I got a secondhand Gen3 HPWC (TPN:1457768-01-F) that had known issues at full power and of course ran it right up to 48 amps to see what she'd do(note it had updated firmware). For a little while it did 48 amps, but after a half hour in my 20f garage, it...
  14. islandbayy

    HPWC Problem, Gen 1 not working on Late 2019-2021 S & X

    We were one of the FIRST Tesla Destination charging locations in Wisconsin(Before it was even a program!), and THE First Hotel/Motel/Resort in Wisconsin to have dedicated EV Charging (Early 2000's!). As such, we have/had some of the oldest (Early Production) HPWC's Tesla produced. They have...
  15. S

    Looking for HPWC Gen2 low-profile mounting bracket

    The metal plate, not giant plastic doodad that allows for conduit-entry. If you happen to have one left over after an install, I'll happily cover shipping and a bit more. Thanks!
  16. C

    Black Signature HPWC for Sale

    Never been used. Still in the box. Asking $600 and can meet up in LA or Ventura county. I can also ship if you pay shipping costs.
  17. S

    Wanted: Gen2 HPWC rear entry bracket

    If any of you recent or not-so-recent HPWC buyers/installers happen to not plan to use the rear entry bracket that came with your Gen2 HPWC, I'd offer to pay shipping and some small handling charge to get it to me. Thanks! Apologies for intentionally putting this in the 'for sale' zone. The...
  18. S

    Looking for HPWC Gen 2 rear entry mounting plate

    Just the metal plate that allows an Gen2 HPWC to be flat-mounted against the wall. Screws(to attach the HPWC) would be a bonus, but I assume they are needed for the top-entry bracket. Not willing to pay too much beyond shipping, but if you are already using the top entry bracket, the metal...
  19. TeeeeeeDub

    Tesla Gen 2 HPWC 80A 24' Cable Matte Black Elon Signature Edition

    I just picked up an X and didn't do my homework. I was hoping I'd be able to take advantage of the 80A that the Gen2 HPWC offers, but the 2021 X sadly can only charge up to 48A so I thought I'd offer this up for sale to someone that either could use the 80A or 24' cable. I don't need either...
  20. G

    HPWC pulling pranks on me

    Hi, haven't found this issue while researching the forum. I have a S75D 2016 and bought with it a HPWC. It seems gen 1, because gen 2 was introduced later in 2017. It's been reliable so far, with the dip switch set to 48 amps and a 60 amps breaker and appropriate wiring. My car's on board...
  21. B

    Gen2 Wall Connector Failed - Cannot Repair or Replace

    My Gen2 wall connector recently failed, and Tesla will not repair it, since it is (slightly) more than 4 years old, and the warranty is 4 years. However, they won't even repair it if I pay. Nor can I replace it, as it has been superseded by the gen3 wall connector, which charges only to 48A...
  22. J

    2 ea. Brand new Silver wall connector Gen 2 HPWC 24 feet

    Bought both of these and then received two black referrals, so... I don't need them. They were both sealed in the box until I opened one for this ad. Selling for retail, $500 each, so no tax and no waiting, as they are out of stock. Prefer local pickup or meet - San Francisco Bay Area / Marin
  23. A

    FS: NEW 2nd Gen HPWC (wall connector) 24’ cord

    2 available: $600 for black Elon signature version $550 for regular non-signature version Both have 24' cable. SF Bay Area pickup.
  24. J

    Where did the "for sale" forum go?

    It's been a while... I just got my referral 21" arachnoid wheels today. I also have 2 HPWC's in box... didn't open due to referrals arrived. Sorry, I know I'm in the wrong place but couldn't find the right place... story of my life :) I'm in SF Bay Area.
  25. S

    Tesla HPWC Charging at Very Slow Rate

    Hi! Crowd sourcing here...Any help will be most appreciated. I just moved into new condo where I have a deeded dedicated spot that by contract is to have a Level 2 240 V 40 Amp outlet. I had my electrician install the HPWC (The black one that has Elon's signature on it. It's about 2 years...
  26. T

    Gen 2 Wall Connector Black (for parts)

    I have a Gen 2 wall connector, not even a year old, warranty replaced because it wouldn't charge after relocating. No error lights at all, opens up charge port, but doesn't charge. Car says check power source. 24 foot cable. $300 obo + shipping located in Boston.
  27. Y

    Can I increase amps on my HPWC?

    I just upgraded to a 2020 MS from a 2013 MS. I have a 1st Gen HPWC on a 50 amp circuit. The maximum my 2013 could use was 40 amps. With the 2020 they have upped that to 48 amps but one has to be connected to a HPWC delivering at least 60 amps. Does anyone know if I replace the 50 amp breaker...
  28. Walter Nadeau

    Want to Buy or Trade- Need 18' HPWC Cable, have 8' cable.

    Good day, I have the HPWC unit with the 8' cable for my Model 3. Now that we are buying a Model Y, I need a longer cable so it will reach both vehicles. I THINK you can just swap them inside the HPWC, though it has been a while since I installed it. AAAAAAnyway, If you have a long cord and want...
  29. R

    Gen 1 HPWC

    $300 plus shipping. New in-the-box (unopened) high powered wall connector, 8' Tesla part 1050067-00-E If you are within 100 miles of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I'll meet you at a supercharger. DM if interested
  30. yerEVan

    4 HPWC daisy-chained-proper config

    I did some searching here but didn't find exactly what I'm looking for, so here it is. At our office, they kindly added Tesla Chargers, which is great. However, I believe they completely messed up the configuration. I'll keep the story brief as to not put you to sleep, but my question is: What...
  31. M

    FS: Gen 2 Charger 24ft NCal

    I have a new HPWC 2.0 with a 24ft cord. Had one installed when I bought my car, then my power company gave me different charger. When HPWC one fried, it was still under warranty. Now I don't really need to reinstall, so hoping to rehome it. $550. Ideally F2F in north bay.
  32. M

    HPWC Gen 3 info

    Saw a thread in for sale forum referencing a gen 3, but didn't find other threads here. Went looking on Tesla's website. Looks like this is VERY new...like within the last few weeks. Wall Connector Just ordered a gloss black late last month. Now that's no longer even listed. Guess this...
  33. M

    HPWC Flashing Redy

    My wall connector after 14 months of use have starting flashing red twice. Supposedly this indicates a bad ground but I have not changed any of the wiring on the connector or breaker panel since it was first installed. I have tried resetting the HPWC by using the reset button and by...
  34. StealthP3D

    Outside EV Charging Kiosk

    We have a ski cabin in the middle of a PNW rainforest. It's in a river valley in the North Cascades and we can get a fair bit of snow. Last winter I charged with a 120V extension cord with a Mobile Connector sitting in the rain and snow. It worked fine with not a single fault and the Mobile...
  35. MightyHawk

    Sharing home L2 charging with others during blackouts

    Winter is approaching and with it come the possibility of ice storms and downed power lines. A major storm can knock out power for hundreds of thousands of people in an area, perhaps for days. Likewise, many EV owners in California affected by the rolling blackouts have had to scramble to find...
  36. A

    NEW Matte Black HPWC - Elon Signature Edition

    NEW Limited Edition, Referral Only Matte Black High Powered Wall Charger. 24’ Cable Brand New - Opened just to confirm specs and take picture. Asking 500 + Shipping. Available for Pickup in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  37. F

    FS: High Power Wall Connector - Melbourne FL

    I'm selling an extra HPWC that I just acquired. I was given a Tesla credit last year for a solar installation and was told I had to use the credit by October and used the credit towards the HPWC for a family install. They bought their own waiting for mine to be received so I have an extra new in...
  38. Tesomega

    For Sale - Tesla HPWC - Black Elon Musk Signature Edition

    I have a Black Tesla HPWC for sale - Elon Musk Signature Edition - asking $575 (New in unopened Box) message me if interested or with your best offer. Shipping will be extra.
  39. D

    Interested in Trading My CHAdeMO Adapter for a HPWC

    Is anyone interested in trading my CHAdeMO adapter that has been used maybe four times for your HPWC?
  40. pwwojcik

    Any problem with two HPWC Power Sharing to charge Roadster with CAN Sr?

    Hi! I am pretty sure this will work but I thought that I would throw it out to the group in case anyone has experience one way or the other. Right now I have a single HPWC that I use to charge either my Model S and my Roadster 1.5. I am thinking about adding a second HPWC to the same circuit...
  41. jebinc

    Wire gauge (AWG) for HPWC (Telsa Wall Connector)

    Hello all, I believe 6 gauge, stranded, is all one needs for a 60 amp circuit with 48 amps continues draw (HPWC) - for distances less than a certain amount of feet. My installation will be 35 running feet of wire from my main panel and I was thinking of going with 4 gauge wire (actually 4/3...
  42. kendallpb

    Any problems using HPWC Gen 2 with older Model S?

    I have a 2013 Model S S85, pre-AP). Our Gen 1 HPWC bit the dust, but I'm concerned about buying a Gen 2 one. I tried two different ones at the Tysons Corner, VA mall (both Gen 2), but neither worked for me. The message on my dash said the charger wasn't inserted all the way; the ring on the...
  43. ArunGoyal

    Gen II Brand New Silver Wall Connector (Cincinnati)

    Brand new Silver 24' Gen II wall connector; 80 amp with 100 amp circuit. Still in unopened box. only $475. Cincinnati or Dayton area pick up only.
  44. ArunGoyal

    Brand New Silver Wall Connector HPWC Gen II (Cincinnati pick up only)

    Brand new Silver 24' Gen II wall connector; 80 amp with 100 amp circuit. Still in unopened box. only $485. Cincinnati or Dayton area pick up only.
  45. 1

    FS: HPWC Brand new, in box UNOPENED

    Hello! Just used my referral credit I got from Tesla to purchase a HPWC. I don't need it, but wanted to use my credit ASAP since I'm switching Tesla cars and don't want the credit to be lost It's untouched, just picked up from SC today (5/29/2019), in the box. Haven't opened any seals. I can...
  46. ArunGoyal

    Silver Gen II Brand New Wall Connector (Cincinnati/Dayton Pick up Only)

    Brand New Gen 2 Silver Wall Connector with 24' cable, 80 Amp (100 Amp circuit). Still in original Unopened box. Available for pick up at a mutually agreed upon location. $485.
  47. G

    Permit Process for Tesla Wall Connector Install (Georgia - Dekalb County)

    Hi, Does anyone have experience going through the permit process here in Georgia? I plan on installing the wall connector but I want to make sure that I follow the necessary steps to get the permit. Appreciate any feedback or pointers. Thanks!
  48. ArunGoyal

    Silver Wall Connector, Brand New (Cincinnati/Dayton)

    Brand New Gen 2 Silver Wall Connector with 24' cable, 80 Amp (100 Amp circuit) still in original unopened box. Available for pick up at a mutually agreed upon location. Only $485. Over $530 from Tesla if you include tax or minimum $500 from a third party if you include shipping.
  49. Soda Popinski

    Swap in J1772 cable to HPWC?

    My wife will be getting a non-Tesla EV. I've got a spare HPWC, and would like to hook it up along with my existing one so they can power share. The current plan is to get the $250 Tesla to SAE-J1772 adapter by TeslaTap. Alternatively, I've got a spare Schneider-Electric SAE-J1772 EVSE from when...
  50. ArunGoyal

    Silver Wall Connector Brand New (Cincinnati/Dayton)

    Brand New Gen 2 Silver Wall Connector with 24' cable, 80 Amp (100 Amp circuit) still in original unopened box. Available for pick up at a mutually agreed upon location. Only $485. Over $530 from Tesla if you include tax or minimum $500 from a third party if you include shipping.