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Panasonic to Start 4680 Cell Production in Nevada April 2021

This is great news, Panasonic is starting (at least test) production of the new 4680 battery this April.

While not a guarantee of mass production anytime soon, having a second factory producing the new 4680 cells will help Tesla convert its fleet to the new architecture sooner.

The continuous folded tab edge dramatically reduces the electron path (and therefore heat generation), allowing the new cells to have a greater power throughput for power horsepower even with the same size pack, and even faster charging.

The Model S Plaid+ is expected to have the new 4680 cells, but the new Model S Plaid is getting by with the updated chemistry 2170 cells.

Additionally the 4680 cells will incorporate the steel casing of the individual cells into the structure of the car, increasing rigidity and reducing overall vehicle weight.

Per Elon Musk's statements, 4680 battery production lines will be built in Shanghai, Berlin, and Austin. The upcoming European Model Y produced in Berlin will have the new cell and integrated frame battery pack from day one of production.

In the USA, the Cybertruck and Semi Truck are both expected to debut with the 4680 architecture as well.

It is unclear when US production of the Model Y and Model 3 will convert to the new batteries. You can expect more power, less weight, more durability, and greater range when that happens.

Panasonic plans to deploy Tesla 4680 battery cell production later this year - Electrek

Without competitive pressures, Tesla has no reason to spend extra money to just upgrade battery pack/cells.
As long as any Model is in the lead, just make/sell as many as you can. Increased volumes usually lowers cost and this increases margins/profits. Squeeze as much out of cap-ex as you can.
Yea, especially if it works really well too. “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”
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