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Plethora of Red Roadsters

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Has anyone noticed the abundance of red Roadsters for sale? I keep very close tabs on the sale sites and couldn't help but notice that red Roadsters dominate the category. For example, on AutoTrader.com there are 13 total Roadsters listed. Of the 13, only 11 are real cars as 2 have either been sold or unrealistic. 8 of the 11 are red and the 3 remaining ones have all been recently listed.


Similarly, on Cars.com, 7 out of 9 are red. The 10th one (thunder gray) was sold about a year ago.


Did they make a disproportionate amount of red cars or do red car owners just get bored more easily? Anyone have a theory on this?
I agree...plus, there were two "reds" to choose from (Radiant Red and Fusion Red...I think Fusion Red was the more popular of the two...I was going to order Fusion Red, until I saw the Toronto store's new Arctic White 2.5, and changed my mind just before sending in the order)...

IIRC (can't locate the thread, at the moment), there were a LOT more red Roadsters than any other color.
I believe the Radiant Red was the most popular but not sure (darker red). Did the same thing and ordered white. Good choice!

I agree, that is what I heard, too. It was influenced in part by the fact that the second evaluation prototype, EP2, was radiant red. Most of the pictures seen in the media in 2006 and early 2007 were of that car.
Laughed hard when I saw this today, because I just took one of the MANY red roadsters home with me! It's a 2008, #374

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