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Podcast Idea

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Hello all!

I'm gauging interest (or ideas) in a new Tesla podcast. It seems like we've had a little bit of attrition in the Tesla podcast world lately and think there is always room for one more. Plenty of them are focused and/or talk about Tesla news. Instead I'd be interested in combining two of my passions: Tesla and travel. So I'm wondering if there is any interest in a Tesla Road Trip type podcast? The very basic gist I have in my head is that I'd interview one guest per week to discuss a recent road trip they just took in their Tesla. I'd probably start off by hearing their Tesla story (when, how, why) and then discuss charging logistics, autopilot, and vehicle stats; and of course the actual journey/travel/destination. How were the Supercharger stops? How was the food? What was the destination and any travel tips there? Things like that. I'd love to hear people's thoughts. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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