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Premium Connectivity (1 year included)

I could be totally wrong but it could be the difference between the SR+ and the LR/P+ (excluding the speed, range, wheels and subwoofer with extra speaker (or maybe speakers who knows?)

Upgraded maps with traffic?
Rear heated seats (mine worked for a week then got disabled) total guess this one?
And the 4G connection?
westrow3, The Premium Connectivity for 1 year has come and gone (past the anniversary date) on many cars in the U.S. But Tesla did not turn it off or charge the owners. No one knows why. No one knows when they will start charging and no guarantee how much the monthly/annual will be. No one can tell you when or how much. Keep your fingers crossed. You will get your full year, but it could be a month after or a year after when you begin to pay.
I remember reading about it somewhere, can't remember exactly what it was but it basically boiled down to all the "nice to haves" on the connectivity side: Spotify and any other internet connected media, satellite imagery and traffic on maps, maybe a couple of other things.

Edit: also I remember hearing that they planned to charge about £100/year for it.
urgent/safety updates go over any means available
map updates only go over wifi

other than that, premium connectivity purports to also deliver "More frequent over-the-air updates via cellular", whereas without it they will always wait for wifi.
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