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Questions about remote access and data

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I’ve been away from home for about a week. During that time my car has been at a local shop to have a few minor issues addressed. Don’t know if the shop turned off remote access but during that time on the phone app I have been able to see the location of the car, the state of charge, and whether the doors, frunk, and trunk are open.

I know the car has been driven a few times (to test some rattles and other things I was concerned about) but on the app the odometer reading has stayed the same as it was when I left the car with the shop a week ago. Also, when I go on TeslaFi, I see no records of drives or other data changes. Only the state of charge has gone down.

Does this have something to do with remote access being turned off or could it be something else? I’ve never experiences this before.
If mobile access is disabled, you can’t get any stats like charge, door status, etc. So seems they left it on (and indeed, haven’t really driven it... at least not when Teslafi was logging!)

Probably the case but I’m puzzled that they did no test drives. The shop in question has much experience with Teslas so they would know have to turn off remote access. But as I could see the doors opened I guess they didn’t do it. I’ll find out when I pick up the car tonight.