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Red Plaid clear coat and paint damaged after SC visit, what are my options?

Hi all,

After visiting service center to adjust passenger door, two areas of the paint were chipped near the edge of the door frame. I can physically remove the base paint from the middle damage, so the clear coats are definitely removed.

What are my options here?
  1. Leave as is. Damages are not really noticeable, and I'm sure the car will endure comparable damages as time passes.
    1. Will the paint damage become nucleation point for damages in the future, such as paint peeling due to weather and environment?
  2. Self repair. My assessment for the repair processes is the following. Processes are extrapolated from this video, and I will get a paint/clear kit from scratcheshappen.com (please recommend better sources if possible)
    1. Damaged areas between the panels are impossible to repair, and I will ignore them.
    2. Prep and smooth the surface: Feather rough edges of the clear coat to ensure smooth surfaces across clear coat and base coat with wet sand paper
    3. If primer is exposed: apply layers of base paint (from Tesla repair kit) and sand down after paint cures
    4. Apply clear coat, such that it is taller than the undamaged clear coats
    5. Let cure
    6. Wet sand the extra clear coats
    7. Machine polish with polishing compounds
  3. Get opinion from a body shop
  4. Tesla SC promised they will repair in the upcoming visit, but given this paint damage and prior damages in interior trims, I may be risking more damages in other parts of the vehicle with this option.

I confirmed with tech the door frames are aluminum and not susceptible to rust especially with unexposed base coat. There are corners in multiple panels completely missing paint from factory. Not sure what you mean by leaks.

I have been discovering cuts and blemishes especially with interior leather every time I visit SC. At this point the risk of damaging the car from myself is comparable to SC. This paint repair most likely cannot be done in house and requires contracting to a specialist and takes at least 2 days to complete. SC has yet to respond, but it is possible they will only apply touch up paint to fill the holes.
What SC are you visiting that is damaging the car at every visit? (just want to ensure I never visit it)

I've seen people who wear giant keyrings with pocket knives dangling from their belt loops (think school janitor style), but wouldn't expect any of them to work at the service center and sit in your seats. It seems hard to understand how they could repeatedly damage your interior.

Either you're *incredibly* unlucky, or they're doing this to a lot of vehicles - at which point I would expect a significant number of Tesla owners would have lodged complaints. I can't imagine Tesla would tolerate a service center damaging the interiors of many vehicles.
I'd say after about 70% of my visit, I will find damages during detailing, such as scratches or cuts on the leather of interior trim. I brush it off and consider those damages as wear and tear since eventually it will probably be damaged. As for this paint damage this time, it's completely different.

I spoke with an Independent repair shop, and confirmed Tesla SC used touch up paint to cover up the paint damages. Upon inspection the paint is chipped all the way beyond primer and into e coat. The repair will take at least a week.

The most infuriating part is the cover up demonstrating bad faith in attempt to seclude this $2000 damage that will take 2 weeks to repair

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