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Referral Code for Pre-Order

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Oh no! I really don't care about the free super charger miles, but wanted my co-worker to get some credit for being a Tesla evangelist. Is there an explanation as to why? Or just we are going to sell so many of these, we don't need to give anything away?
I would suggest going into Tesla dealership or call in to one when buying a car and verbally give them the referral code. I ordered my Tesla Y online and the referral code didn’t work. But when I purchased my Tesla 3 a few weeks ago over the phone by calling a local Tesla dealership, I was able to get some bonuses. I live in BC, Canada and appearently it is the worse place for getting any Tesla bonuses as indicated on their website. BC is not eligible for any referrals, rebates, bonuses etc for some crazy reason. But I was able to get 3000 km free supercharging with a referral. But the original Tesla owner who gave the referral got nothing (he lives in BC too).