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Referral code without a car

Weird question...

I put in a Model 3 reservation on day one, never used it (it was 3.5 years until it was available in Australia and at that point the exchange rate meant that it wasn't within my budget).
I logged into my Tesla account every so often during that time.
In February this year I applied to cancel my reservation. I noticed at the time, I had a referral code URL visible (for the first time)!
I've just logged in again now and found that this referral code URL is still there.
I've hung around these forums a lot and have never seen any other example of non-owners (apart from those who have ordered but not accepted delivery) having a code. Would this code work if someone ordered from it? What if I ordered my own car using it?

I've got the exact same question too, I too placed an order and saw my referral code but after cancelling the order, it disappeared and no longer has the referral code section however if I type in my referral code url, it still seems to work. So question is, if I reorder a car again and use my referral code, will it work and would that mean i get twice the 1500km free supercharging credits on the account for the car I end up taking delivery on?