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Santua's M3P Build Thread

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Thought the same thing when i installed the V-style spoiler. Almost needs a set of side skirts to offset that aggressiveness out back.
I mean, technically the original one was made as part of a whole body kit, so you are right. But I think it is usable without having to go super aggressive.

IMO to be able to pull off the whole Vorsteiner body kit look you have to be lowered and have a matching aggressive set of wheels, and once you go down that rabbit hole there is no way back. Also, I would rather spend my money on the Brembo 6-piston front brakes that @3geekfamily mentio.... oh no, here I go again 😅
I will be posting more soon.

Purchased a new spoiler which yall might or might not see (depends if I really like the look at figment), and I am going to be polishing and ceramic coating the entire car.
what’s your wh/mi average and have you noticed any increases/decreases?
My wh/mi is 363, however I have never cared about it. I am also unaware of what my stock M3P did with regards to wh/mi.

I think the number is very subjective though, given that my driving takes place mostly in Florida highways, (emphasis in Florida) 😅. Also, I tend to drive the car a bit more aggressively most of the times.

However, I honestly feel it about the same as the stock M3P, perhaps a little worse given the front lip and spoiler. I think that if you were to remove those, it would definitely be more efficient than stock, because of the lighter wheels and lowered suspension.
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So I removed both the front lip and trunk spoiler (which is for sale here: Tesla Parts for Sale) ahead of starting the detailing and correction process this upcoming weekend, and I have to say I do really dig the look without the front splitter when the car is lowered 🙃.

Below are some pictures. Please excuse how dirty it is.


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Well Santua's car is STUPID low (oh how I wish I could be that low)...lol....I have a little less than 2 finger gap so I'm going to go as aggressive as possible (looks wise) and figure out what I can do with the sides of the car, because I only have 9mm clearance with the speed bumps here on the sides of the car..almost 2 inches with the front and rear...and that's hitting the speed bump straight on without turning the wheel
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