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Save Melbourne - buy electric cars

Worth a read particularly if you live in Melbourne.

Point 4 under heading 'what needs to happen' made me chuckle - just a subtle suggestion to ICE owners/drivers.

The article raises some key points, but as noted it needs huge investment in infrastructure to shift from the old mantra to the new. It also needs some visionary leadership at Federal and State level that is not just focused on the 4 year political cycle. In turn that requires the electorate to also be focused on the long term big picture and not just their short term personal needs.

Projects such as Sydney Metro are trying to address a number of the issues raised including new public transport, densification of development close to stations, encouraging employment hubs away from the CBD, energy efficiency, renewable energy and even consideration of infrastructure needed for electric vehicle charging at commuter car parks!

It does however take lots of time, money and patience to make changes to just one area of the city.