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  1. powerfactor

    RVG trade in and tyre condition

    I'm up for an RVG and Tesla are saying that my (roadworthy with a few mm to spare) tyres must be replaced at my cost, and have quoted 150% retail to do it after returning the car. Has anyone had any dealings with the " damage and excessive wear and use based on Tesla’s standards for normal use"...
  2. SwedishAdvocate

    Honest Australien Government Ad – Electric Vehicles

    Australia... Sigh. :mad:
  3. JayTee

    New Showroom coming to Sutherland Shire?

  4. Chuq

    Supercharger - Devonport, Tas

    As mentioned in TOCA's April member update: Obviously Devonport was selected because it is the gateway into the state for Tesla owners bringing their car across on the ferry... not because of it's thriving Tesla population :) Precise location isn't public yet, but I couldn't go past the...
  5. Chuq

    Supercharger - Colac, Vic

    Many thanks to @Chenkers who found this one - shared originally in this thread: Superchargers in Australia Colac Plaza 144-158 Bromfield St Colac Vic 3250
  6. Chuq

    Supercharger - Blaxland, NSW

    https://www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/media-centre/electric-vehicle-charging-stations-for-blaxland I still find it weird that this this location has obviously been planned for a while but it didn't make it into Tesla's 2021 map! This location has now been added to supercharge.info.
  7. M

    Supercharger - Brisbane 2 (Toombul), Qld

    As a Q1 2021 opening, though worth adding a Brisbane (Indooroopilly) thread as the site should be set, and possibly beginning to start construction. Pin is in the middle of the Audi dealership which is likely. The Westfield just to the south would be a more likely site. Maybe a local could do...
  8. M

    Supercharger - Geelong, Vic

    As a Q1 2021 opening, though worth adding a Geelong thread as the site should be set, and possibly beginning to start construction. Pin on the Tesla site is shown to the SE close to the M1 in Highton, possibly near the Queen's Park Golf course. Spots close to that that might make sense would...
  9. intrepidtoo

    Ultimate EV Road Trip - Circumnavigating North America

    In response to a recent question on Quora about the inconvenience of charging on a roadtrip, I posted this response. As it seemed to elicit a favourable response I thought I would share it here, particularly as prior to my trip TMC members provided some very supportive and reassuring advice...
  10. Tessi Shop AU

    Vendor Best Model 3 Individualisation, Interior & Exterior (Win $200)

    G'Day Australia, hope you've had a great & successful week! As you might have already seen on the Top-Banner of TeslaMotorsClub we're 'Tessi Shop Australia', a Sydney based Tesla-Store solely focused on equipping your Model 3/Y with high quality Interior & Exterior products, whilst providing...
  11. D

    Model 3 Australia - Massive Price Cut

    Is everyone seeing the same thing as me? 'Refreshed' (chrome delete) Model 3 with significant price cuts in Aus? Design Your Model 3 | Tesla
  12. Techno-phile

    Perth Showroom and Service Centre

    We are only just behind the Gold Coast, but the lease has been signed for an old Renault site on Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park. Google Maps
  13. strykeroz

    Light bar upgrade in Aus: suggestions & where have you mounted your switch?

    Hi guys After a few near misses with skippies late at night recently I'm considering a light bar for the model 3 for under the front bumper lip. The high beam I think is great for distance, but I'm looking for something to illuminate the roadsides - and the fog lights are helpful, but not...
  14. LGGD

    Gold Coast Sales and Service Centre.

    Tesla just got the keys to their new Gold Coast sales and service centre located at Southport on the Gold Coast. It is the former Gold Coast BMW/Mini site. Superchargers are expected but it’s not confirmed if they will be for public use. (Probably will be). The location is expected to be...
  15. Murbs

    Supercharger - Williams (WA)

    It looks like Western Australia's Eaton Supercharger is going to lose its coveted most isolated Supercharger in the world honor when Tesla installs a supercharger station at Williams Woolshed early next year.
  16. D

    Tesla Parramatta

    New store? On the Tesla website and recent post on Facebook suggesting the same.
  17. Chuq

    Victoria Charging the Regions EV network

    Victorian Government is funding 15 charging stations in NW Victoria, as per this press release: New Electric Vehicle Charge Stations For North West Victoria | Premier of Victoria It's a bit light on details. But I've done the homework for you! No mention of AC or DC charging stations...
  18. B

    More driving during Pandemic?

    Looks like we have driven (and still drive) more during the pandemic compared to other regions.. Check Tesla's impressive chart of pandemic's impact on Supercharger use - Electrek interesting article.
  19. Chuq

    Supercharger - Frankston, Vic

    No location confirmed yet, but @jamesgo appeared to have a bit of an insight, going by his comment from the Camberwell thread: Notably on Tesla's map, the marker is not over the generic place name, but the nearby highway intersection. Perhaps the Karingal Hub would be a good place to start...
  20. Chuq

    Supercharger - Camberwell, Vic

    Thanks to Mark G on the TOCA Facebook group! At Camberwell Place Shopping Centre. Looks like 5 stalls, bases only at the moment. Will post pics when I get the OK. Note - this is yet another site that Tesla would have known was going ahead before the end of last year, yet wasn't added to the...
  21. Random206

    Brisbane to Byron - EV Rally

    Previously we ran the super successful ‘The Silent Highway’ - EV Rally, today we announced the next journey, the Brisbane to Byron - EV Rally! If you’re interested in attending, please visit the link below and mark yourself as coming along! The last one garnered plenty of positive feedback and...
  22. B

    xpel stealth in Melbourne

    Does anyone know who can do xpel stealth on model 3 in melbourne? I called house of tint and they quote circa $8500 for a fully body wrap which seems high; Affinesse doesnt do xpel and offers someother brand for $5900 with ceramic coating; VIP car detailing Moorabbin didn't know about stealth...
  23. Chuq

    Supercharger - Macquarie Park, NSW

    The rumour has been floating around FB the last few days... here it is from another source (twitter) with some additional details (apparently 6 stall). Tesla in the Gong on Twitter Apparently @TeslaGong has not seen the FB rumours so that's two different sources that appear to line up...
  24. B

    USB-C on overhead dome lights

    I noticed in a YouTube video, 2 x usb-c ports on the overhead dome light module. I'm curious to know if this is standard across all model 3s? or is it specific to america or other regions? do you have it in your car in aus? @7:52
  25. M

    XPEL Boss Gloss @ ADS

    Just picked her back up after getting the full XPEL treatment at Australian Detail Services, look how damn glossy she is - wicked! Can’t recommend Ryan & ADS enough, astounding finish.
  26. JBee

    Cybertruck Firetruck - Can it help in Aussie Fires?

    For many years, Australia, as well as many other nations and states, have been struggling to fight fires with mobile ground assets. Most of the vehicles used are converted commercial trucks and pickups, that have limited off-road, or in particular poor sand driving ability in the bush. They also...
  27. V

    White interior on SR+

    Hi all. Can someone please explain to me in plain English, why cant we have white interior on SR+ model, if the same option already exists on the performance model? I'm not asking for something that it does not exists in Australia. And it's also available almost elsewhere in the world. Is it...
  28. Zcd1

    Owner reviews his new M3P:

    Get this guy a job writing for an automotive publication! :-) 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance review | CarAdvice
  29. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla to Help Grow Australia's 'Big Battery' By 50%

    Tesla’s giant battery installation in Australia is about to get a lot bigger.The Powerpack farm is already the world’s largest lithium-ion battery, but the plan is to grow it by 50%. Renewable energy company Neoen said in a press release that the Hornsdale Power Reserve will receive a 50 MW/64.5...
  30. B

    Supercharger - Gympie QLD

    Does anyone have any more info on when this is coming online? Tesla's site just says "2019" and that is apparently delayed from "2018".
  31. rohan3au

    FS: 2017 Model S 75 (Red, AP2.5, Black Int.)

    Hey guys! Figured there's a lot of potential owners stalking the forums, so I thought I'd post my Model S that's up for sale since I've ordered a Model 3! Car is exceptionally looked after and anyone that knows me could confirm this. Comes with heaps of extras; PPF, Ceramic Coating, CHAdeMO...
  32. jaykaye

    Camping in the Model 3

    Anyone planning on taking their Model 3 camping? I plan to take my little ones out for over night trips. I am in the process of ordering all the things I need to pull this off before the car arrives. The place where I am stuck is the mattress which is places across the boot floor and the folded...
  33. Chuq

    Supercharger - Toowoomba, Qld

    Thanks to matthew on slack for the heads up here! Tesla approved to install 'superchargers' at golf club
  34. Chuq

    Supercharger - Jerrys Plains, NSW

    Spotted on the TOCA members group on Facebook! As suggested this is most likely the Singleton/Muswellbrook location. I've heard previous speculation on this site, suggesting that it would be a 4 stall site.
  35. Chuq

    Supercharger - Maclean , NSW (Prev. Harwood)

    Tesla eyes off new site for Northern Rivers expansion (paywalled, article below) An unexpected location! Not that far south from the Knockrow location (58 km), but it might be more preferable for some since it is on the highway. It's 230 km south of Brisbane. I'm not sure if any Tesla...
  36. M

    Supercharger - Bendigo, Vic

    I go through Bendigo reasonably frequently (thank you Kennington Village) and decided to check the Tesla Supercharger map.... Lo and behold I see: Bendigo | Tesla Australia "Target Opening in 2019". The pin seems to be generically in the centre of town. Haven't seen this on the map before -...
  37. M

    Yellow screen border issue and Australian consumer law

    Australian consumer law is quite strong and legally enforcible before any manufacturer warranty even needs to be opened. Particularly it says that all defects that present within a reasonable timeframe from purchase must be rectified within a reasonable timeframe from when they are presented to...
  38. rohan3au

    Victoria Police Tesla Model X

    Victoria (Australia) Police have today revealed their Tesla Model X. What's very interesting about this is that they have custom options programmed into the MCU like control of their lights, sirens, radar, message bar (see video in link below). The officer also says that they have the ability to...
  39. Chuq

    Supercharger - Tuggerah, NSW

    Thanks to Jared Hirst on the TOCA FB group for this one! Tuggerah Super Centre, just off the Pacific Highway. Notably - not CCS2 :-/ I've always said something was needed on the Central Coast; the Heatherbrae charger is the other side of Newcastle so doesn't help those on...
  40. Chuq

    Repository of DC fast charger information

    (This post primarily refers to non-Tesla charging infrastructure but I thought it may be of interest to many here.) Quick intro: Plugshare is the de facto reference from charging infrastructure in Australia, and serves its purpose well. I recently tried using ABetterRoutePlanner (ABRP) and...
  41. Chuq

    Supercharger - Moonee Ponds, Vic

    Yesterday I read this article about Mirvac and their support of EV chargers, and I found this quote: I asked a few people if they could check the car park for evidence but couldn't find anything. I asked MPC via Facebook chat and they responded: "We are in the process of acquiring...
  42. Vegas

    Carsales Extended Warranty: $4000+ Tesla Repair

    When my 2015 P90DL MS was coming to the end of its 4 year factory warranty I naturally wanted to extend the full factory warranty for as long as possible. At the time there were 2 products available. InsureMyTesla/Marsh Advantage Extra 2 years (total 6 years) up to 120,000km: Total Premium...
  43. B

    Tesla account switched from USA to Australia!!

    I am in the USA and today with several signons to my Tesla account it shows as Tesla Australia instead of Tesla USA!!! Anyone else experience this? Also if I look at configuring cars it shows KM not miles and Australia configurations. Another bizarre Tesla anomaly Anyone else having this happen?.
  44. Chuq

    Service centre expansion in Australia

    It looks like Perth, Adelaide and Canberra are next off the line for service centres!
  45. La Piazza

    Commentary: This isn't a story about a car. This is a story about the future of the human race

    My father found this funny commentary by an Aussie, with little kids, driving them in a Model X. ttps://www.cnet.com/news/driving-a-tesla-model-x-in-the-end-times/
  46. LGGD

    Supercharger - Broadbeach, Qld

    10 Supercharger bays under construction in the valet area of Pacific Fair shopping centre on the Gold Coast. Targeted to open by Christmas.
  47. TMC Staff

    Tesla Australia Will Add CCS Chargers To Support Model 3

    Tesla CCS to spread around the world Tesla Model 3 in Europe will get a CCS Combo 2 inlet for DC fast charging standard and AC charging (single- or three-phase), but the change to CCS2 (the European version) will be conducted elsewhere around the world (outside North America and maybe a few CCS...
  48. LGGD

    Supercharger - Maroochydore, Qld

    Apparently there is a 6 bay Supercharger opening soon in a new section of Sunshine Plaza on the Sunshine Coast.
  49. Chuq

    ChargeFox Ultra Rapid Network (350kW/HPC)

    As per: Jump-Start To Victoria’s Electric Vehicle Revolution Victoria chips in to install ultra-rapid EV chargers – “Australia’s fastest” Australia is going to get its first two 350kW charging stations in Victoria, thanks to the Vic Government and JetCharge! At the moment it sounds like 2x...
  50. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Readies Australia For Model 3: New Service & Delivery Centers

    While the Tesla Model 3 is not yet selling overseas, the automaker is getting prepped. The huge popularity of the Tesla Model 3 has seemingly taken the attention off other Tesla efforts and especially the company’s global impact. Though the Silicon Valley automaker has been up against production...

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