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New Zealand

  1. M

    Supercharger - Blenheim

    Finally, a new site for the South Island! This is in addition to Kaikoura, so once it's completed, all Tesla's should be able to get from Dunedin to Cape Reinga using just Superchargers. This Blenheim site will also have 3 ChargeNet Hyperchargers which can charge 6 EVs, so it's a bit of a...
  2. Chuq

    Supercharger - Glenfield

    From Facebook - it seems a 6-8 stall site is under construction at Glenfield Mall, Corner Glenfield Road &, Downing Street, Glenfield, Auckland 0629, New Zealand
  3. M

    Supercharger - Bulls

    I think the Supercharging site drought is officially over. Bulls has just appeared on the map today! Given that the other recent sites that have popped up on the map have started construction not long after, that opening date is likely a good indication of when it will be available.
  4. RobDickinson

    Supercharger - Tūrangi

    https://www.nzherald.co.nz/rotorua-daily-post/news/clean-energy-giant-tesla-proposes-charging-stations-in-turangi/SJURSHXWGLMSGFOIOTHFTGI2II/ Looks like tesla want to install a 6 or 8 bay SC in Tūrangi but the local council are holding them back
  5. Audietron

    Tesla NZ model 3 Insurance recommendations

    Hi, About to receive my Tesla M3 this Sunday so sorting out insurance... I had been AA Insurance loyal always - but AA insurance said $4400/year, AMI says $1600/year, State says $2000 with minimum 2000 excess... prices are all over the place. Yet to receive quote from Vero. Any...
  6. M

    Supercharger - New Plymouth, New Zealand

    New Plymouth is now on the map! Which is great because that part of the North Island has been a bit dry with DC chargers. I imagine this will be V3 site.
  7. Chuq

    Supercharger - Auckland (Sylvia Park / Mount Wellington)

    Thanks to John Fitness on the NZ EV Owners FB group: 6 stall 150 kW coming to Sylvia Park. My understanding is that John's source is quite reliable ;)
  8. M

    Supercharger - Wellington

    It looks like the site for the Wellington supercharger has been decided and shouldn't be far off! http://investoreproperty.co.nz/documents/Investore_Property_Limited_Interim_Report_HY20_131119.pdf The TL;DR summary is that they're being installed at Countdown Johnsonville
  9. Chuq

    Supercharger - Timaru

    This one has been confirmed! 6 stalls, almost complete. Thanks @RobDickinson
  10. khayyam

    Supercharger - Whangarei

    Does anyone know about any progress or the likely opening of the whangarei supercharger? Says "Target opening in 2019" which I interpret as sometime between tomorrow and never.
  11. E

    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    Since New Zealand model info 3 is getting lost in the massive Tesla model 3 in Australia thread Here's my story been a long time Tesla fan Waiting for model 3 since it was revealed Boring people to death with tails of Telsa tech Didn't put my reservation money were my mouth was Figured by the...
  12. ecarfan

    Model 3 owners in New Zealand As of July 2019

    In this thread How many Tesla's in New Zealand @Miggy shows three Model 3 owners in New Zealand as of July 2019. Any of them on TMC? Share your experience!
  13. ecarfan

    Renting an EV in New Zealand

    Hoping you Kiwi EV enthusiasts can help me out. :) I’m planning a trip to NZ in July 2019, probably about two weeks on the North Island (I’ve spent a few weeks on the South Island in the past) before heading to Tonga to snorkel with humpback whales and do some scuba diving. Considering renting...
  14. Vegas

    Maxing out AP1

    On a recent trip between Sydney and Brisbane (Australia) a distance of 915 Klms (569 Miles), I wanted to see the maximum time I could rely on autopilot AP1 (Classic front P90D). Where ever possible including through traffic congestion and country towns I used AP1, with my hand resting on the...
  15. EcoCloudIT

    Just saw largest SC in Shanghai

    Just drove past, in an ICE, the largest SC rollout in Shanghai....it's like 50% of a level in an under ground carpark.....a lot of Tesla's in Pudong Area of Shanghai this year compared to last just 10 months ago.... -ECIT
  16. raynewman

    Tesla Event Data Recorder

    This is definately worth a look Event Data Recorder
  17. E

    Question re: brake lights on TACC

    I was lucky enough to watch a blue model S travel up Dudley St in Melbourne last Thursday evening whilst stuck in a train coming into Southern Cross Station.. It seemed to me that the driver was using cruise control (although I might be wrong) as the car cleanly moved and stopped with the flow...
  18. bob_bear

    anyone know a good auto electrician in Syd / NSW for model x battery hacks?

    Hi team, i'm keen on looking at options to access the 100kw battery on my model x p100d, would be a great source of power for camping trips etc. Can anyone recommend an auto electrician in NSW that might be able to help me with this? Even better if anyone has already done it and might be able...
  19. P

    Supercharger Idle Fee

    Wondering if anyone else has been hit with a fee for over staying at a Supercharger? Good idea to penalise over staying, but wonder if they have a "grace period"?
  20. RichardMcN

    Sylvia Round Australia in Bluey !

    Hey everybody, Sylvia @wilsilly has just started out on her clockwise Round Australia trip from near Gladstone Qld. This will be the first test of the almost-complete Round Australia Charging Route ! An all female trip with 7 fly-in fly-out changes of road crew ! ! Sylvia will be at St...
  21. meloccom

    Takata Airbag recall now mandatory in Australia.

    I was watching the report today on the news and there was a suggestion that from April, Tesla vehicles would be involved. I found this statement on the Tesla website. Model S Safety Update It suggests that vehicles produced up to 2016 are involved in the recall but as the problem doesn’t appear...
  22. M

    South East Electric Highway

    Following on from discussions on this thread Supercharger - Berry, NSW the news that a South East Electric Highway is been considered by various Councils and other Authorities. Link to my local Council's discussion from page 34 Latrobe City Council - CM512 05 February 2018 Hopefully we will be...
  23. M

    Real world range in P100D

    I've got a P85D that's coming up to 3 years old. I love the car but the real world touring range is slightly disappointing. Even with a full battery, a planned 340km journey (direct, no SC stops) out of Adelaide brings a warning to keep the speed below 100km/h. How much better is the P100D on...
  24. Blue heaven

    No stamp duty and free rego in South Australia?

    Twitter The SA election is like watching a card game in a Bond movie.
  25. rohan_aus

    Supercharger - Berry, NSW

    It's been confirmed that Tesla will be installing a supercharger at Silos Estate, just south of Berry on the NSW South Coast. Posted on the Silos Estate Facebook: "We are thrilled that John McVeigh Minister for Regional Development and Ann Sudmalis MP, Federal Member for Gilmore today announced...
  26. Tozla

    Spotify not logging in

    Anyone else having a problem with their Tesla account not logging in to Spotify?
  27. Blue heaven

    ABC Q&A Monday in Sydney

    The Monday edition of Q&A on ABC TV will have a segment on electric vehicles, to register your interest on being an audience member go the the Q&A facebook group or website.
  28. Aussie Yank

    Roadster 2020

    The new baby gets an outing at the local post office (Palo Alto, Northern California) Tesla's Roadster prototype makes a rare outing in Palo Alto headquarters
  29. mrpseudonym

    Slow response from Tesla app?

    is it just me, or has the Tesla app been less responsive in the last week or so?
  30. P

    Clarkson Model X Test Drive

  31. Vostok

    Tesla market share in NSW is now 60% of all BEVs

    The latest RMS (NSW) registration statistics are out, and the cool thing is we can work out from these stats what Tesla's market share of BEVs has been in New South Wales over time. The chart is below. The first Teslas appeared in the stats in 4Q 2014 with 65 registered. The 4Q 2017 stats...
  32. Blue heaven

    Spotted above Australia and New Zealand

  33. EcoCloudIT

    CCS Charging truth?

    Is there any truth to CSS battery tech being better than Tesla's? Maybe charging is constant therefore overall faster to charge however is longevity is compromised? Nissan CSS batteries have a shocking life compared to Tesla's thus far, or so I've heard (read).... Tesla Is About To Be Shocked...
  34. M

    Competitor in the EV market

    With ICE makers now starting to eye the EV market, the wave is coming. Anyone tempted to look at other brands come changeover time or is that heresy? 2019 Jaguar XJ to be reborn as high-tech electric flagship | Autocar
  35. M

    South Australia, world’s largest virtual power plant

    SA gov has teamed up with Tesla again. Hopefully other states and Federal gov get on board. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-04/elon-musk-tesla-to-give-solar-panels-batteries-to-sa-homes/9394352
  36. E

    Grid Support from Tesla cars

    Instead of more centralised batteries like the one at Hornibrook SA (!00Mwhrs) why cant we use our own parked cars? You would need three phase power, cooperation from Tesla & compensation from power companies. However you would also be able to charge at Chardemo levels 50kWs. Ill assume that...
  37. B

    When are we likely to see first Model 3 deliveries in Oz?

    When are we likely to see first Model 3 deliveries in Oz?
  38. M

    Boring company hat

    Hi all, purchased hat on 16/12. Has any one in Australia received theirs yet?
  39. I

    Does USB music have ANY Dolby content?

    When I listen to music off the USB stick, there is zero sound from the rear speakers in Dolby mode. Is this normal? I seem to remember it used to make some kind of noise, but none now???
  40. (crunch)

    Soon to be a new Model S owner in Melbourne, suggestions?

    Hey all :) Car is due at the end of Feb (it's currently on a boat somewhere, any way to track that?), so I need to start thinking about insurance and getting my charger installed. I've emailed a couple of the Tesla recommended installers and am waiting back on quotes, and I'm going to start...
  41. J

    Another Spotify issue...

    I have had Spotify issues from time to time like everyone. But, this feels different. Since the last software update, I can no longer log in to my Spotify account. Have tried all the usual tricks (MCU reboots etc). And have reentered my log in details and checked and rechecked user name and...
  42. Chuq

    New location - Cremorne Vic

    ISPT starts the year with two new leases at 100 Pacific Highway, North Sydney No idea what the purpose of the site will be. It's not that far from Richmond. My guess is a delivery centre (like Alexandria NSW) since it is a warehouse - but they could be splitting sales/service locations, or...
  43. Blue heaven

    The Fed govt party room is about to get heated, about time.

    Electric cars set as next shock for MPs The original story is from the Australian and behind paywall, expect an ABC "press release" from the Coalition soon, in short Minister Frydenberg would like to discuss EV incentives, those against pull the out the tired and debunked Tesla v Corolla...
  44. Vostok

    40,000 Model 3 reservations in Australia?

    For the fun of it I dropped into a Tesla store today with my family just to show them what Teslas look like up close, and have a sit in a Model X which I've never done before. We got chatting to the sales guy and I told him I lined up to reserve a Model 3 nearly 2 years ago. He said a few...
  45. Z

    I really love supercharging

    I really do... From the moment you plan the trip you ask yourself what yummies surround the station, what scenery, what cafes... Then as you approach the station, you see your battery decrease to well beyond the point of no return, and you realise you are now totally dependant on the services...
  46. raynewman

    Tesla Destination Connector Problem

    G'day, I have a problem with 3 phase Tesla connectors wired as single phase. Specifically those at RACV Noosa; I get 16 AMP but I notice Rod Peachey P100D gets 32 AMP. My Tesla is a '14 model S with a single charger. Anyone else have this problem?
  47. F

    Grid scale project in New Zealand

    Also posted in the Pacific forum. Mercury NZ has selected Tesla as the provider for a scalable national grid-connected battery trial after a tender process launched last September. www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11975445
  48. F

    Tesla grid scale battery for NZ.

    Mercury NZ picks Tesla for ground-breaking battery trial Mercury NZ has selected Tesla as the provider for a scalable national grid-connected battery trial after a tender process launched last September.
  49. nigwil

    frustration with ABC news editorial use of clickbait

    This article I consider makes some valid points about the eventual need to re-jig public policy and government regulation to figure out new ways to pay for our road infrastructure, fair enough. But the title of the article and the URL wording is unfair and to me is deliberately inflammatory...
  50. N

    Model 3 Wait

    I have reserved a model 3 here's my thoughts lately I am expecting delays on getting a 3 right drive , there eta of end of this year seems a bit far fetched. I have been looking at the price of used model s and they can be had at about $100k . Being it will be about $60000 - $70000k landed for a...

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