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Self healing lights...

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I noticed the right hand side indicator Flashing double speed earlier this week. Car is on 11k miles. On my previous cars a sure sign of a blown bulb and an easy fix. First thought was, are they traditional bulbs or LED and surely the wiring on the car would be a bit more complicated to avoid the double blinking.

Anyway, quick check and the driver side rear indicator light is flashing but very dim. A neighbour also pointed out later that day that the break light on the same set had gone.

ok, so next thought is can you even change these yourself or is this a trip to the service centre. Couldn’t find much online so called Bristol. By the time I get off the phone they have ordered the part and booked me in for next week. No complaints there and the solution is apparently replacing the unit. Great.

Now the confusing part is I drive the car today and all is well. No sign of any trouble. I don’t have the technical know how to think of what may have happened. The question is, do I carry on and get the replacement (in case there really is something wrong with the unit) or cancel the appointment and hope for the best (don’t really want someone fiddling with the car if I can avoid it)?

Any similar experiences?
Could be something like water ingress or just a plain old wiring fault.

TBH, if it was my car and Tesla were going to replace the unit for free then I'd just let them get on with it; manufacturers often insist on being able to reproduce the fault, which can be a pain if it's intermittent.