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sitting on v9.0 (2019.15.106.1)

just got my new magical MX and see this very small green indicator that to me seems like it is downloading the new update...i arranged to be on the Advanced option for getting software updates...my wifi signal is 2 little arches..car is in my garage my home wifi network.

i charged last nite..i know it does not download whilst chrging...but it's mid afternoon..not much has changed..still little green dot with a long long way to go on the path it is displaying.

I can't seem to find out much more ...any insight would be much appreciated
thanks in advance (2019.15.106.1) that's where i
a.m. now
.. .i know it does not download whilst chrging...

I didn't know that! Why would charging take precedence over downloading?

Not a perfect comparison, but Apple iPhones typically suppress downloading when it is NOT charging. I don't have a Tesla ... yet, but I had assumed it would "charge like an iPhone" ... plug it in when I park it to charge overnight and unplug it to drive.
My X has been downloaded & updated during charging. No any problem with that.

Your car might try to download a map update, which is big before the firmware update. If you got the notification, just be patient. You will get the ready to update notification your phone.