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Sound Of Silence 2021 rally, May 21-23

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Jul 8, 2013
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Tesla Sound of Silence 2021
May 21-23

Quoting the website:

The Custer Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to host the 7th Annual Black Hills Sound of Silence Tesla Rally!

On Friday night there will be a Tesla Mixer with free food and beverages at Mount Rushmore Brewing Company. There will also be a live band at one of Custer's newest entertainment venues...The Custer Beacon! Tesla Rally attendees will get free entrance for the entertainment on Friday night.

Saturday morning will be on your own to ride the Hills and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area. We will have a professional photographer on Iron Mountain Road available to take pictures for a couple hours. (details TBD) Saturday afternoon will be the annual group photo. Then Saturday night is the Sound of Silence dinner – location TBD.

It's Open House Weekend in Custer State Park so it's free to drive through all weekend.

Each driver registration will receive a swag bag including Custer Cash, 2021 Tesla Pin, and other goodies.

Last year we had a contest on our Tesla Rally Facebook page where we let our fans choose the name of the Tesla beer that Mount Rushmore Brewing Company is brewing special for this event. The name that won was CyberBrew, and it will be available for purchase at Mount Rushmore Brewing Company throughout the weekend.

More details to come! We will update everyone who is registered via email as plans are finalized.


While nowhere near as big as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the Sound of Silence gathering is one of the larger Tesla meet-ups. Long-time road-trippers and new owners all have fun. Custer has its own supercharger, and many of the lodging establishments have destination chargers.

Remember to register at your preferred hotel or campground.

Many owners like to caravan to the event so if you're thinking of attending it's worth reaching out to your local club to see if others want to join you.

Driver–$60, Passenger–$35, and Under 12–$15. If you have more than one passenger, click the "ADD ANOTHER REGISTRANT" button just above 'Billing Information".

Also on the registration page, you can order Long Sleeve Tesla Rally Shirts and Tesla Rally Face Mask. Late registrants won't be able to order the shirt.
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I was hoping they would delay this until later in the year. Based on what I'm seeing with the vaccine bumbling, it is extremely unlikely I will have received the vaccine by mid-May and if I have, the protection it provides will not have fully taken effect yet. I'd like to attend the rally, but if it's going to be business as usual and before I'm vaccinated, I would have to give it a pass.
And keep in mind that the current vaccines are considered effective a week after the second dose. That means you would need to get your first dose in mid-April or late April at the absolute latest to have it effective by May 21. I don't see them moving to Phase 5 (general population) in time for me to make it to this year's rally.
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If you have had a full vaccine regimen you would at LEAST protect yourself. That's what I expect I will wait for before I go to any weddings or motion picture premiers. I might do this since it's mostly about the journey, lots of driving the black hills. I can sleep in my own car and meet others in parking lots, which I do already locally (well, not the sleeping part). If I have had the shots I'll still be wearing the mask, it's just sensible until the threat has passed for everyone. Dangit, if I was only 75 I could get the shot already. Not quite 20 years off.
Can we persuade them to put it off another month? I know that it exists mostly to give the motels and restaurants a little pre-season business, but the chances of it having more than about five cars show up would be much higher somewhat later.
I haven’t registered yet but I read that 30 people already have.

There are 108,000 people ahead of me in Fairfax County and they vaccinated 15,000 people last week. At the current rate, it’ll be 7 weeks until it’s my turn, with 12.5 weeks to go until the Custer rally.
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Can we persuade them to put it off another month? I know that it exists mostly to give the motels and restaurants a little pre-season business, but the chances of it having more than about five cars show up would be much higher somewhat later.
I was going to suggest September. I would think post-Labor Day business would be nearly as valuable as pre-Memorial Day.

Another possibility is to have it during high season but mid-week instead. I'm not sure how much this helps the town though as the location is so remote that they might not have much of a weekend peak during the summer. Mid-week would be less convenient for "local" attendees (mostly from Colorado) who have regular jobs, but it would arguably be better for people who are visiting from farther afield. If you are working a regular job and you are road tripping from one of the coasts, it should actually be easier to attend mid-week as you can simply take one week off work to attend.

My best guess is I'll probably have my first dose before this event, but I might not have my 2nd and if I do, I won't be through the 2 week period after the 2nd dose for the vaccine to have its full effect. I think many potential attendees will be in the same boat.
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Let me see, I'm under 60, retired, and white. I will be the LAST person to get a shot. Plus my only interactions are with a friend who meets us for daily dog walks and the occasional drive-up window, both with masks on, so really, someone else can have my shot I am in no hurry.

it’ll be 7 weeks until it’s my turn, with 12.5 weeks to go until the Custer rally.
You are quite the planner, I could learn a lot
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Tentatively in for this.
Registered January 15th, and have a room reserved as well. I am planning to attend unless the bug rears it's ugly head again as the event approaches. Highly unlikely I'll qualify for the vaccine between now and then. If I attend, not yet sure if I'll go from New England via the TCH (if the border is open again) or via Florida. Choices choices.
Hmmm. One of our friends said they got put on a VA waiting list. They aren't even VA members. Apparently you can sign up and if the veterans don't show up that day, YOU can go. You have to be very ready to to go, since the vaccines do not keep once prepared, and they would rather shoot SOMEONE than throw it away. They got shots and are relatively young. Just a thought. Just passing on what I heard. This MIGHT apply to other vaccination sites as well. Mac
After a little more research, I find that what I wrote above is absolutely true. They do not want to throw out a dose because someone did not show up that day! There is a website to TRACK unused doses. Check it out:

Find your Vaccine Hunting Group

Find your state down at the bottom. See what is available. Here in CO there is a Facebook group that tracks vaccine availability. Hope this is of some use to you. Mac
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