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SPINOFF: Did you test drive a Tesla before buying yours?


Oct 13, 2016
Ft Worth
I would have ordered without a test drive, no questions. However, a friend let me drive his S one day and it only served to cement my decision even further.


May 14, 2018
Panhandle FL
Three times. In Tallahassee during a special event, in Orlando and in Nashville. I was sold after the Tallahassee event but my husband wanted me to be sure. He drove in Nashville for the first time to cement the decision.


high altitude member
Apr 25, 2015
The Western Slope, Colorado
...I had test driven three Model S. However, I did not realize that all of them had air suspension, so I just assumed that's how the Model S rides. When I bought my pre-loved Model S, I knew that it didn't have the air suspension, but didn't realize on the short test drive how annoying the standard suspension would be. In fact, the car is so stiff that when I drive it alone, it hops and bops over every litle bump, until I reacy a rare 85 mph. If I ever buy another S, it will have to have air suspension.
I have the coil suspension and it is not like what you describe at all. Something may be wrong with the suspension in your car. One oddball thing that has been reported is that if the hatch is not properly snug it can affect the way the car handles bumps. Or, perhaps, something as simple as shocks needing replacement. I like my coil suspension a lot.


Jul 16, 2016
Multiple times. S at first, then an overnight test drive on X after I placed my order to confirm that I would not cancel my emotional decision. Got an offer to test drive a 3 and I turned it down because there are dime a dozen on my commute to work.


Nov 12, 2018
Yes I did, when you are spending that much money you don't want to discover there is some design flaw that makes you hate the car.
I was already sold on owning one so it was more to see what I potentially didn't like and could I overcome it.
What is funny is on the test drive the air suspension memory demonstration did not work and summons was temperamental....sales guy told me it'll be a software glitch, they'll fix that ;):rolleyes:
However a person I know test drove a P100D after I said how happy I'd been with mine and although they were blown away by the drivetrain (as we all are) they did not purchase one for two main reasons.
1 - He felt after sitting in the car for 30 mins it felt like he was in a car that would have cost 1/3rd of the asking price.
2 - He needs reading glasses but cannot wear them for driving, without his glasses he struggled to use the main screen safely.
Sometimes it's those little things that can sway you.....they are very happy with their BMW they eventually went with.


Nov 12, 2018
I've never driven a coil car but I do like the air suspension on mine, only problem is they tend to leak like the Titanic on 15 April 1912.


Feb 13, 2019
Bay Area, CA
No, I did not test drive my M3 MR (delivered Jan 2019).

I had two friends offer to let me borrow theirs (I live in the Bay Area where Model 3 is very popular). I didn't take them up on it, tho.

However, I did have my wife visit the local store to sit in it and make sure she could get comfortable, which was no issue. The sales associate offered to look up inventory and order it right then. So I guess that did help. They delivered the car 4 days later to our house.


Active Member
Mar 24, 2015
Test drives:

Audi A5 - bought, but had to spec different suspension as ride on demo car was truly awful. Poor fit n finish too.

Jag F Type - deposit placed but then they only released the convertible at first, so cancelled

MB AMG - bought

Audi S3 - lost the sale for an RS3, ugly interior with rubber dashboard and naff popup nav screen

MB - C63 - lost the sale - endless chintz inside, even sunglasses not enough to reduce to acceptable levels

Tesla S - no intention of buying one, just went out of curiosity, bought it on the spot. sold, wouldn't even have thought to buy one without the testdrive.

Online sales only model may work or may not. But the market is currently distorted by early enthusiast adopters who are rapidly gettting their orders fulfilled so the 82% data being quoted is not typical of the market going forward. We will never get the figures to prove either way unless the strategy tanks completely which is unlikely.

I think it is better phrased as
"Tesla reckon they can get enough customers online to match the planned factory output so why bother with the overhead of retail stores".
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(S85-3/2/13 traded in) X LR: F2611##-3/27/20
Mar 8, 2012
I think it is better phrased as
"Tesla reckon they can get enough customers online to match the planned factory output so why bother with the overhead of retail stores".
There's nothing wrong with that. They can always open stores again later.


Feb 15, 2018
Yes we did a test drive then scheduled and over nighter with ours. But, this was done through the local service center not a Tesla store.


Active Member
Jul 31, 2015
Vancouver BC, Canada
Yes, test drove an MS twice before buying. First a regular short test drive with the sales guy. The second an overnight test drive so I could confirm it would fit in my tiny garage

I know someone who test drove an S three times, including one all-afternoon couple-hundred km test drive, before initially deciding not to buy one. (But he later changed his mind and did get an S)


Oct 29, 2015
United States
Yes, but mostly to convince my wife. Also, wanted to see the actual car to get a feel for the white paint and the soft wood interior I was choosing. Also, wanted to see the difference between the seating options.

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