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Storing ICE "backups"

This is not particular to Tesla, or EVs for that matter, but thought i would ask since it's a more technical fact-based community here:

Have a 2015 Lexus RC 350 (70k miles) that I'd need to keep for 6-12 months longer (for other reasons), wondering what folks are doing to ensure it wakes up in good condition. Good weather (TX), sheltered in garage above ground.

thanks in advance!
As said battery tender is the main thing, but a fuel stabilizer, something to minimize flat spotting and discourage rodents are all really good ideas.
If you really want to be cheap though disconnecting the battery rather than using a battery tender could work too though you might have to jump it or charge the battery later.

I have left cars sit in Green Bay's climate for months at a time with less care and rarely needed anything but a set of jumper cables to revive.

I would NOT fill the gas tank, I would rather have room for fresh fuel when you start driving it again. The condensation concerns are mitigated with sealed fuel systems(for decades now) with plastic tanks. Was a bigger concern in the past when tanks were metal and not sealed.