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Storm Watch in Florida?

I see a lot of these threads regarding storm watch in different areas but haven’t seen one for my area.

does anyone know what types of weather watches trigger storm watch for south Florida? In the past few days we have been issued flood watches and a few thunderstorm watches but storm watch was never activated.

It would be nice to know the exact watches that trigger this. I would assume it’s triggered based on advisories that NOAA puts out but which ones?
Any NWS storm warning conditions like thunderstorm or hurricane, etc should definitely trigger it. I’ve seen it here in Virginia for thunderstorms. Be sure your address is correct on your account.

Note that only warnings trigger it, of course, not watches. A watch is just that conditions are appropriate. Warnings mean that they are on the way. This confuses a lot of people.

The name of the feature doesn’t help. :D
I don't think that you will get enabled during short time events. It's not as if a severe thunderstorm is a daily event in Florida.
I'd expect activation during longer term events that have enough warning to allow it to actually xhacha up
We got them during the last hurricane that almost hit us, as well as some really bad storms that had tornado warnings. This time happened to be at night time so it was pulling straight from the grid.