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Summon for Garage Parking

Do the new cars still have it.
Yes, if you bought the option (EAP or FSD)

No, if you didn't

Any improvements?

I don't think so. I think it still uses primarily ultrasoars so there are blind spot that may result in collision at slow speed.

It works well if you obstacles on a side have the same distance to the car.

In a perfect sencario, if the clearance from your garage door to your car is 1 inch, the rest of the wall on the left should also be 1 inch clearance. That way the system knows that the maximum clearance is only 1 inch throughout on the left.

It may not work well if the side obstacle is not even such as when the front car has been just cleared from the garage door, its front clearance is like infinity because there's no obstacles within its range, however, the rear bumper detects that there's 2 feet clearance from your left side garage wall to its side rear.

There's no sonars at your car doors so it is blind to sense that there's only 1 inch from the garage door to your car and not 2 feet.

Infinity clearance in front, 2 feet clearance in rear side but the system doesn't know there's only 1 inch clearance at the garage door!

That's when mistakes can happen because there are not enough sonars.

Is it available on other models as well?

So far all models on sales and future ones have the option to buy FSD, so yes.
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Back in 2018 the MS had Summon Parking for the Garage. Do the new cars still have it. I never used it in the past, but I lost a garage in a recent move. Is it available on other models as well? Thanks

If you disable Require Continuous Press under the Summon settings then you can do the double-tap Park button to summon the car forward or reverse.
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