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Supercharger - Corte Madera, CA - Casa Buena Drive (permitting, speculation)

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According to an article just published today by the Marin Independent Journal, it sounds like Corte Madera will be receiving a second supercharger site. It will be located at the new Tesla service center on Casa Buena Drive. This is on the other side of the freeway from the existing Tesla showroom / Corte Madera supercharger. (Supercharger - Corte Madera (LIVE 12 Feb 2019, 10 Urban stalls)

I am guessing from the below this will be 10 urban chargers, doubling the number of chargers in Corte Madera.

Here's an except from the article:

"Tesla is applying for permits to renovate its new Corte Madera showroom on Casa Buena Drive.

Plans include demolishing the main entry arch that held up a Dodge sign before the previous dealer moved in December 2019, said Tracy Hegarty, the town’s planning and building administrative analyst.

Two illuminated signs and a Tesla shield logo will be added to a freestanding sign that is already in place, according to a town notice. The plans are set to be presented to the Planning Commission on Feb. 9.

The company also plans to install 10 charging stations, Hegarty said. The charging stations are not subject to review and are automatically approved as part of Assembly Bill 1236.

Mayor Eli Beckman said the town welcomes Tesla, an electric car company worth about $830 billion, to help bring in needed sale tax revenue while also helping lower carbon emissions.

“Part of ensuring Corte Madera’s long-term fiscal health is making sure we’re adapting to changing market conditions, like the governor’s goal of phasing out sales of gas-powered cars by 2035, as well as meeting our own local sustainability goals,” Beckman said. “Our relationship with electric vehicle dealers like Tesla is key to meeting these imperatives, and we couldn’t be more proud to have them in our town.”

The complete article can be found here: Tesla to renovate Corte Madera dealership
I am trying to get a copy of the permit... do Tesla locations install level 2 chargers? I thought they only installed superchargers?
It depends on the available space in the lot - and they generally install a few destination chargers before adding Superchargers
The company also plans to install 10 charging stations, Hegarty said. The charging stations are not subject to review and are automatically approved as part of Assembly Bill 1236.
It’s not clear if those will be Superchargers for public use.

As far as I know Tesla Supercharger locations still have to be reviewed and building permits issued. AB1236 tries to streamline that process but does not eliminate it. Permitting Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Best Practices | California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development
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There are a bunch of destination chargers behind the Corte Madera showroom in The Village at Corte Madera (next to the Supercharger) so might just be the same thing. Sometimes they charge cars overnight that will be picked up the next day.
So, revisiting this as I will be here on Thursday to pick up new MY, I came across these plans from a city council meeting last year that were approved. Minutes come first, plans at end. Parking spaces 155-158 have superchargers with 1 cabinet so V3. 169-174 look to be the 6 destination chargers to be added at the east property line. 107-116 would be the 10 at the service bay. I will do some more searching to see if I can find the permit for the SC but being only 4 stalls is likely not open to the public. And will of course check out in person on Thursday.