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Supercharger - Denver, PA - Bowmansville Service Plaza


Construction has indeed begun at Bowmansville service plaza in Denver. 8 pedestals. Coordinates
40.202902056093684, -76.01595389260898. PXL_20210306_161255165.jpgPXL_20210306_160338013.jpgPXL_20210306_160326302.jpgPXL_20210306_160316277.jpg
Bowmansville, PA

Along Primary Interstates: I-76E (E Only)
Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): None
Along Auxiliary Interstates: None
Along State Routes: None

I-76E (E Only)

From: Carlisle, PA - 66.1 miles
To: End (I-295 near Camden, NJ) - 64.5 miles
Diversion: 0.1 miles
From: Breezewood, PA - 131.3 miles

Splitter for eastbound travel at the eastern end of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, splitting the previous 130.5 mile gap from Carlisle, PA.
Paired with the Westbound Elverson, PA Service Plaza.
Starting threads on each PA turnpike service plaza superchargers.

8 stalls under construction at Bowmansville service plaza of PA turnpike in Lancaster County, eastbound service only.

Location 40.202902056093684, -76.01595389260898, extreme west end of Plaza.


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I suggest using Denver, PA - Bowmansville Service Plaza (eastbound) for an unambiguous name.
I think we should try to match Tesla's name, even when they don't choose the best or most accurate one. If we pick a different name (even if more accurate) it could be confusing to people who only casually use supercharge.info or the iOS Superchargers app. Those of us who follow Superchargers closely may know it's the same location with a different name, but most wouldn't. A non-enthusiast should be able to look at the in-car navigation and supercharge.info (and apps that use our API) and know they are looking at the same Supercharger location.

Since the in-car nav displays this as Denver, PA, I'll rename it back to that.