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Supercharger - New York City - W 75th Street

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Another couple of small NYC urban superchargers have appeared!

It would be nice if locals could check and see if these are more accessible than the Mott Street one!

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Finally, a first photo of 75 Street on PlugShare. There was also a very long text along with the photo saying this

Attendant was very nice and fairly informative. The 101- If you are not a monthly customer but need to charge up, you have to pay for parking time like any garage. Monthly customers, he said they’d keep you charged up daily and quoted me a hefty $825/Mo for a Model 3. FYI lack of non-garage public charging in NYC is because of ConEd. Garages installing these because they make mega money from parking charges but more importantly they have elevators and thus already the power supply going into the property. Do some research and you’ll see for yourself. It’s not easy to find but the truth is out there.
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What I would like to know is how Tesla decides which garage to install an urban SuperCharger vs a Destination Charger...

it's all very random.. Mott St... Allen St... don't get me wrong, the more the merrier.. but the weekend rates at the W 75th st garage are $35 for an hour of parking!! (they do have an early bird rate of $27 for in before 10 am and out by 6 pm but that's hardly a deal.. especially on weekends..)

I will say, Champion Parking is certainly more Tesla friendly than Icon Parking.. but.. what's the point of $35 for an hour of parking unless that is your home garage and you would pay this rate anyway..?

there are much cheaper garages DOWN THE BLOCK.. why this one? who gets to decide?
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I actually decided to use this chather last night and had a pretty decent experience.

the parking fees here are rediculous.. $49/hr for the 1st hour after 10 am... but you get the full 72 kW and my car said that it was getting 74kW for more than 40 minutes.. which I think is wonderful.

there is a Playa Betty's next door and it happened to be "toco tueday" so all tocos were $4 instead of $7-8 which was a nice savings.

my original plan was to go down to 250 Vesey street which would have been cheaper to park by around $20, but I was running late and 250 Vesey closes at 10 pm. also I have been expreinceing a voltage drop at 250 vessey street and never seem to get more tahn 55 kW. iw ould have ebeen able to cahrge for only about 40 minutes and I don't think that would have gotten me mcuh juice at 55 kW.

I generally don't count the food/drinks cost of a restaurant that I eat at while I supercharge but the two places that I frequent at 250 Vessey while I charge are much more expensive than Playa Betty's so in a weird way I saved some $$...

never mind that W 75th St SCer is less than 10 minutes from my apartment while 250 vessey is roughly 25 minutes from my home. generally I chose a charger depending on what I am in the mood to eat/drink along with the cost to park, but I was never a huge fan of Playa Betty's so I refused to pay $49/hr to charge here.

I left after 55 minutes or charging and I gained 210 miles of rated range which is decent. I needed another 15 minutes to get to 90%
there is an early bird rate that is much cheaper -- $27++ for parking until 6 pm but playa betties and the other restaurants in the hood are not open in the morning so the only options are starbucks, a local bakery, and a diner style place that is very average.

I think I may be using this location in the evenings more often going forward. particularly on Toco Tuesdays..