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new york

  1. R

    Supercharger - Yonkers - Central Park Ave, NY (8 stalls - LIVE)

    A new 8 stalls has opened in Yonkers, NY
  2. Big Earl

    Supercharger - West Seneca, NY

    A new site has been found under construction in West Seneca, NY. Pictures show 8x V4. https://x.com/jpw1116/status/1750631457196786163?s=20
  3. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - LaGrange, NY

    Tesla is constructing a 12-stall supercharger in LaGrange at the Tops Supermarket with an address of 16 Jon J Wagner Wy, Lagrangeville, NY 12540. This is the site of an existing EVolve, NY charging station. Site find credit to MarcoRP. The project was approved by the planning board in March...
  4. J

    Supercharger - North Hudson, NY

    I came across this. Looks like construction is underway at Frontier town. https://www.wcax.com/video/2023/11/11/work-underway-largest-northern-ny-ev-charging-station/
  5. Crisss1205

    Supercharger - Jericho, NY

    Looks like a new supercharger is under construction in Jericho, NY at the Jericho Commons shopping center (40.7896299, -73.5361196). Looks to be 12 stalls, standard V3 with no magic dock. https://maps.app.goo.gl/LoxtnxxVygEXmLkH7?g_st=ic
  6. corywright

    Supercharger - Dansville, NY

    A new Supercharger under construction has been spotted in Dansville, NY:
  7. Guacahummus

    Supercharger - Monticello, NY

    46 Thompson Square, Monticello, NY 12701
  8. B

    Supercharger - Kirkwood, NY

    Just saw this from MarcoRP on Twitter. I’m so happy about this site. There was a huge gap for V3 charging between Tully and Tannersville.
  9. G

    Supercharger - Orangeburg, NY

    A new supercharger location already well under construction in Orangeburg, NY. Orangetown Shopping Center is corner of Dutch Hill Rd and W. Orangeburg Rd. Not sure how this snuck by me, construction is almost complete. 12 stalls of v3 (no magic dock). There's an Electrify America on the...
  10. N

    Parking Recommendations for NYC / Bryant Park area?

    Hi All -- I have to travel to NYC for work next week, and am thinking about driving my M3 instead of taking the Acela. I'm a little nervous about using a valet (never had one in my Tesla before) and wanted to see if anyone had experience with a garage in the Bryant Park area? I'd also be leaving...
  11. B

    Supercharger - Tully, NY

    I drove by the Circle K in Tully, NY today and saw a fenced off section under construction. It looked like a potential supercharger site, so I asked one of the employees if the construction was for charging stations, to which she replied, "Unfortunately." Although it was a negative response, I...
  12. C

    Supercharger - Parish, NY

    Saw this last night, for some odd reason. The restaurants website is on the tesla find us page for parish, ny. 3039 CR-26 Parish, NY 13131 United States Very bizzare.
  13. Chuq

    Supercharger - Fredonia, NY

    This one has just appeared on the Tesla website: https://www.tesla.com/findus/location/supercharger/FredoniaNYQ322
  14. theflyer

    Supercharger - Rotterdam, NY

    Another find by Marco. 8 stalls are planned in the future Stewart's Shops parking lot at 647 Mariaville Rd., Rotterdam, NY cc @corywright @Big Earl @Chuq
  15. RTPEV

    Supercharger - Potsdam, NY

    Was quite pleased and surprised to see that the latest Tesla FindUs map includes an entry for Potsdam, NY with Q4 2022 target opening: I would have thought Canton would have been a slightly preferable option, serving Rt 68 traffic from Ogdensburg to the Adirondacks, but hey, a Potsdam...
  16. Q

    Supercharger - Brooklyn, NY

    This new location showed up on Tesla's updated map. Shows as Q2 of 2023 to open. Any guess where exactly in Coney Island it may be?
  17. corywright

    Supercharger - Hancock, NY

    Tesla has a "coming soon" pin for a Supercharger in Hancock, NY. @Pluto found an article from August, 2021 that states "Tesla also contacted the Town Board with a proposal to include eight of their own charging stations." So far no permits have surfaced.
  18. corywright

    Supercharger - North Babylon, NY

    Over on forum.supercharge.info user LIBrian posted a new Supercharger he discovered that will be coming to North Babylon, NY. Based on LIBrian's post I was able to locate a direct link to the planning board agenda from his screenshot...
  19. 2

    Venting from service issues with paint damage

    Around May, had both taillights replaced by tesla service on refresh model S in Latham NY service center. During taillight replacement, it looks like they dropped the assembly on the quarter panel causing a creased dent, two 1” long gouges in clear coat, and also chipped paint. Finally after...
  20. PaleBlueDot

    Supercharger - Verona, NY

    Looks like a 12 Stall V3 going in at Turning Stone. Exact coordinates: 43.11320120191245, -75.59117676589067. It is interesting, the first stall on the left is off set and appears to have space to the left to accommodate someone towing a trailer.
  21. J

    New York/New Jersey Waiting Room

    Didn't see a waiting room for NY/NJ so here is is. MYP MSM/Black interior No Tow No FSD OD: 03/6/22 Completed appl: Not sure of the exact date but roughly a week after the OD FIRST EDD: May 15 - June 12 SECOND EDD: June 8-June 22
  22. M

    Supercharger - Syosset, NY

    New Supercharger coming to the Lidl on Jericho Turnpike. Construction may have started https://www.searchandstatus.com/nyrecApp/ticketSearchAndStatusView.jsp?enc=LjSkN%2FwUGCA4pLdR72fUV2MeUSx%2FM4AG1am9EUPixlLmtwpP6u%2Bc5azwZfA5FAqb https://goo.gl/maps/fNkki5yrwuXmQYms7
  23. PaleBlueDot

    Supercharger - Syracuse, NY - Destiny USA Drive

    Looks like a new supercharger is being installed at Destiny USA.
  24. MYinmyfuture

    NY - LI Waiting Room

    OD 4/14/22 EDD 6/17/22-7/22/22 MYP Black on Black - No Tow/FSD
  25. M

    Supercharger - Holtsville, NY

    New permit for an 8-stall Supercharger at Waverly Plaza in Holtsville, NY.
  26. E

    Quater Panel Scraping

    Hello - My quarter panel got scuffed up. It's really not bad at all, do you think it can be sanded and repainted or does it need to be replaced? Also, what should I expect to pay? I don't really care to fix the plastic underneath just the scrapes. Appreciate any help! I'm located in Boston &...
  27. L

    [WTB] Tesla Model Y LR Reservation (LR MY Reservation), pref Northeast USA

    With the news that BBB is not being passed by Jan 1, I'm assuming some people will be cancelling their orders. I'm looking for a Model Y LR, preferably at a lower price point than currently available, flexible about the customization. I live in NY, so prefer a reservation within a few hours...
  28. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Dobbs Ferry, NY

    https://www.dobbsferry.com/sites/g/files/vyhlif3031/f/uploads/dobbs_ferry_ny_cd100_rev.1_09.10.21_ss.pdf https://www.dobbsferry.com/sites/g/files/vyhlif3031/f/uploads/ahrb_application_tesla_ev_09.21.21.pdf What: Tesla is in planning to install 12 V3 superchargers at a shopping center along the...
  29. Crisss1205

    Supercharger - Roslyn Heights, NY - Willis Ave.

    I haven’t seen this anywhere on the forum or on Supercharge.info but it looks like the supercharger in Roslyn Heights is almost done. Spotted this on a FB group. Looks like it would be in the CVS parking lot on Willis Ave right off the LIE and Northern State.
  30. M

    Supercharger - East Hampton, NY

    12 V3 stalls coming to 8 Osborne Ln. https://www.easthamptonstar.com/government/2021527/tesla-to-install-charging-stations-east-hampton-village-lot
  31. G

    Supercharger - Melville, NY

    Moderator note: The first ten posts in this thread are a consolidation of posts from two different threads about this Supercharger site. Heard from Tesla “store” in Walt Whitman mall,Huntington,that new bank of SC are being planned in the Dicks sporting goods store. Was told about this several...
  32. M

    Supercharger - New Paltz, NY

    Another project is under review for the installation of 8 V3 stalls at 271 Main St, not far from the New Paltz Plaza Diner. Current Projects Under Review | New Paltz NY
  33. M

    Supercharger - Staten Island, NY - Richmond Ave

    Another survey for what seems to be a new Supercharger on the horizon on Staten Island, near the Stop & Shop. I expect this location to be a while as Carle Place and Shirley are still nowhere near opening and their surveys were done long before this one. It isn't even on Tesla’s map yet! Search...
  34. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Town of Red Hook, NY

    https://www.redhook.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_03082021-1375 What: Tesla is in early planning stages to site an 8-stall supercharger station in the parking lot of the Hannaford Supermarket right off of US-9 in Red Hook, NY. Address: 35 Hannaford Dr, Red Hook, NY 12571 GPS (guess)...
  35. M

    Supercharger - Bay Shore, NY

    New ticket for a Supercharger in Bay Shore at the Target on Sunrise Hwy.
  36. K

    Gloss Black Tesla Model S 19x8 wheels

    Set of 4 19x8 Tesla OEM Gloss Black wheels. No chips or bends, some slight scuffing on one wheel edge. Sorry for the brake dust on the wheels in the pictures. Don`t have center caps or TPMS. Asking 700 In Rockland County NY
  37. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Brewster, NY

    http://www.townofsoutheast-ny.com/DocumentCenter/View/4096/Planning-Board-Actions_Nov-23-2020 [PDF; page 17] "... an application is being made by TESLA for a Site Plan Amendment for a proposal to amend the previously approved site plan for to expand the parking area and to add eight Tesla...
  38. H

    Need advice on an akward registration suspension situation (NJ/NY)

    First of all, sorry about staying dormant for a long time on the forum and resurface only to post a question for help. I've been having a real headache about a registration issue. Really appreciate if any of you guys who are in NJ/NY can offer some advice. Here's the story. I bought my 2018...
  39. M

    Supercharger - Riverhead, NY

    Found a new 811 ticket for the construction of a Supercharger at 1791 Old Country Rd in Riverhead. The ticket was submitted on September 24th by TLC Industries (these guys also did Copiague) and the work of “installing conduit” for Tesla is to begin tomorrow at 7:00 am. Long Islanders, be on...
  40. B

    Help with finding an Electrician NYC

    Looking for an assist. We're planning to purchase a model Y but having some trouble finding an electrician in Queens, NY to do an instal for us. It's a simple job--drop is about 35 feet from the panel. Building is brand new and nothing needs to be done other than running the wire and installing...
  41. A

    Recommended Paint & Body shops in Upstate New York

    I've been scouring Google trying to find a body shop to take my M3 to, to have the chrome deleted with paint rather than a vinyl solution. With COVID, a few businesses are either closed right now or haven't responded via email/phone. Thanks!
  42. Electric Steve

    No NY deliveries

    Official word from Tesla: So with the NY state closure (mainly the DMV) we are not able to do any NY state deliveries. We are monitoring everything very closely and trying to do our best to get customers cars as soon as possible. And NY, particularly NYC, is hit especially bad by the pandemic...
  43. Electric700

    Found J1772 to Tesla Adapter

    Hi, I was traveling and found a J1772 to Tesla adapter yesterday in White Plains, NY. If you left it, the adapter is now with Tesla at the White Plains Westchester Mall.
  44. G

    Supercharger - Manhattan - Vesey St, NY

    Hey guys, A new SCer location opened up on Vesey Street in Battery Park City. I don't have the exact address handy, and it did not show up on the Find Us, Tesla web page, but it does show up on the in car Nav and the Tesla mobile app charging screen as a nearby SCer. I will try to attach a...
  45. M

    Supercharger - Fishkill, NY

    A new Supercharger is coming soon to Fishkill, New York. The Poughkeepsie Journal recently announced that Tesla was planning to install 12 Supercharger stations at the Hudson Valley Towne Center (18 Westage Dr, Fishkill, NY). The news article contains a video featuring graphic images of the...
  46. J

    PPF for Model X in New York?

    Anyone know a good place to get PPF done on my model X in New York? I really don't want to burn a hole through my wallet so if you guys have any cheap recommendations please let me know! Also any suggestions as to some cheap mods i can do the Model X? Cheap as in under $1000.
  47. MrG_NY

    Middletown NY 10940 Super Charger Up and Running

    Super Charger on E Main St in Middletown located at the quikXheck is up and running, still says coming soon on Tesla website.
  48. E

    Model S P85+ For Sale (zip 10533)

    Testing the waters on my 2013 P85+ (40,176 miles) After selling a run of the mill ICE, I am hopeful that I can find someone via the forum that has an understanding and is at least mildly versed in the early performance model S. We only average 6,000 miles a year and that includes several road...
  49. P

    5% Battery Left and 1000 miles From Home: My Round-trip from Rochester, NY to Winnipeg

    Just got back from the longest road trip I've ever taken in my Model S and I decided to document my journey here. Love to hear everyone's thoughts! Overall Stats Total distance driven: 3,304 miles Total energy used: 1,027.8 kWh Average energy used per mile: 311 Wh Total Paid on charging...
  50. analRaviOli

    Supercharger - Shirley, NY

    All, Looks like some work has been started here at the new supercharger for the town of Shirley for the folks that live near the east end of Long Island, NY. I live about 15 minutes west of Shirley in Patchogue, and i have seen where they have selected the spots for Chargers. Decent spot...