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  1. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Clinton, NJ

    A 12 stall Tesla supercharger is coming to the Clinton Station Diner located at 2 Bank St, Clinton, NJ 08809. It was approved by the planning board on May 26, 2022: https://uniontwp-hcnj.gov/vertical/sites/%7B45967581-AB8B-4219-9A83-39FE1CF6DFB8%7D/uploads/PLBDMin5.26.22.1_rev1.pdf It shows...
  2. I

    Supercharger - Missoula, MT #2

    I saw on the Tesla map a plan to open a new Supercharger in Missoula in Q1 2023. Hopefully we can keep our ears to the ground on construction projects in the area!
  3. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Tacoma, WA

    Finally some Supercharger love in Tacoma! Marco has found project information for a 12-stall Supercharger at Evergreen Plaza in Tacoma.
  4. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Manahawkin, NJ

    Marco has discovered a permit request for 16 Superchargers at the Target in Manahawkin, NJ.
  5. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Fernley, NV

    Marco has located an approved permit for the Fernley, NV Supercharger site located in the Fernley Village Marketplace. Exact location and number of stalls are unknown.
  6. C

    Supercharger - Napannee, ON

    12 superchargers 1 Richmond Blvd Napanee, ON, k7r 3s3
  7. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Newport, ME

    A notation in the Newport, ME select board meeting minutes from 5/4/22 states Tesla charging stations are coming from the Hannaford Supermarket in town. The Tesla Coming Soon map now shows this location as a Q2 2023 target opening. From the 2/2/22 select board minutes: 44 Moosehead Trail...
  8. theflyer

    Supercharger - IKEA Cascades Parkway, Portland, OR

    Teslanorth found a permit for 16 V3 superchargers at the IKEA located at 10280 NE Cascades Parkway. It appears there will also be an Electrify America installation too in the next parking lane to the SE. Latitude/Longitude: 45.57263112397505, -122.55401784548917 Altitude: 3M cc @Chuq @tes-s...
  9. rayluis1988

    Supercharger - Anaheim, CA - Lincoln Ave. (permit, 16 V3 stalls)

    Info provided With Marco via twitter. More SC right by freeway 5, awesome. We definitely need them.
  10. theflyer

    Supercharger - Arcadia, CA (Westfield Santa Anita Center, permits issued, 32 stalls)

    32 Superchargers at 400 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA. cc @tes-s, @Big Earl, @corywright
  11. homero89

    Supercharger - Melissa, TX

    Filing for a Supercharger in Melissa, TX located at the Melissa Buc-ee's address: 1550 Central Expy, Melissa, TX 75454. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022025092 1550 Central Expressway, Melissa, TX 75454 @corywright @Big Earl @Chuq
  12. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Albany, GA

    Found this on Plugshare today, apparently it was posted there a week ago. No way for me to verify it’s legit but certainly seem to be, and from the pics on Plugshare it’s pretty far along. Based on that post this is a 12 stall SC located at the Walmart Supercenter in Albany. Another...
  13. Chuq

    Supercharger - Fort Valley, GA

    Thanks to Cottonfarmer on the supercharge.info forum for finding this location under construction, just off I-75 near Warner Robins, GA. Looks like 12 stalls (uses the pre-fab units of 4 stalls, a couple are probably just out of frame at the left) [Edit: This was also shared on reddit earlier...
  14. D

    Supercharger - Charlotte, NC - Providence Rd

    Yesterday, found this Supercharger under construction less than two weeks, I think. It's in the back parking lot of the The Fresh Market (groceries) at I-485 and Providence Road. Address is 10828 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277. Twelve pedestals. When in the area, say "hello" to Mark, The...
  15. Jasian22

    Just Got Bitten By Tesla Supercharger Routing, Be Careful

    Visited London from the North today. On the way back, the Tesla navigation tried to take me Newport Bagnell superchargers (which I now know are southbound only). I couldn't get through the southbound barrier but saw the northbound barrier was up so I drove through that. Will probably get hit...
  16. C

    Supercharger - Kamloops,BC - Summit Rd

    Approx address : 1380 Summit Dr Kamloops BC V2C 1T8 Canada Let me know if I am off.
  17. M

    Supercharger - Ashland, OR

    According to Ashland.news, Tesla is planning a new 24 stall supercharger in town. Details here (H/T to @MarcoRP for posting this on Twitter): https://ashland.news/tesla-proposes-supercharger-station-in-ashland/
  18. Tezla041

    Supercharger - West Unity, OH - Indian Meadow & Tiffin River Service Plazas

    Another set of Ohio Turnpike Superchargers getting installed this year. The Turnpike already lists this on their website, which is pretty cool! I asked Turnpike support about upcoming installations and they said to watch this site for updates: Electric Vehicle Charging (Screenshot below.) Maybe...
  19. Tezla041

    Supercharger - New Springfield, OH - Mahoning Valley & Glacier Hills Service Plazas

    I finally stopped by the Glacier Hills service plaza, while heading to Pittsburgh. I saw some paint markings where they're installing more Turnpike Superchargers! (Based on the construction at the Blue Heron and Wyandot plazas this location in the parking lot makes sense.) This is a really nice...
  20. Jeremy3292

    Supercharger - Columbia, SC - Harbison Blvd

    Per the local Facebook group, new superchargers are being installed on Harbison Blvd in Columbia, SC. This will technically have a Columbia address but it is Irmo, SC for all intents and purposes. For those unfamiliar with the area, this is right off I-26 a few miles outside of Columbia. The...
  21. I

    Supercharger - Pasadena, CA - E. Foothill Blvd. (under construction Jul 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    Construction has begun on a new charging station in Pasadena CA on the north side of Dicks Sporting Goods. The area is gated off and a phone call to the Construction company confirmed its a Tesla Station but wouldn't give any other information at this time.
  22. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Columbus, OH - East Campus View Blvd

    Marco has located permits for a new 16-stall, pull-through style Supercharger site at the northeast corner of I-270 and US-23. This looks like a good location with a lot of amenities.
  23. homero89

    Supercharger - Shenandoah, TX - Metropark Drive

    Another weird Shenandoah, TX filing. Facility name says Valero, but the address on the filing is a strip mall. There are multiple Valero's within a 2 miles. The filing title matches the address. Project Name Shenandoah Metropark Project Number TABS2022023783 Facility Name Valero Gas...
  24. corywright

    Supercharger - North Babylon, NY

    Over on forum.supercharge.info user LIBrian posted a new Supercharger he discovered that will be coming to North Babylon, NY. Based on LIBrian's post I was able to locate a direct link to the planning board agenda from his screenshot...
  25. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Honolulu, HI - Kahala Resort (12 stalls)

    A new 12 stall Tesla Supercharger has been permitted and appears to have recently begun construction at the Kahala Hotel & Resort, 5000 Kahala Avenue, Honolulu HI. The cost on the permit aligns well with the permit for the other 12 stall supercharger in Hawaii as well. While I found this...
  26. T

    Supercharger - McFarland, CA (unconfirmed, 8 V3 stalls)

    Per Marco, 8 V3 stalls at Valero station on 99 north of Bakersfield.
  27. PStewart

    Supercharger - Vicksburg, MS

    Under construction at Ameristar Casino. Splits I-20 between Pearl, MS and Munroe, Louisiana.

    Supercharger - Ruston, LA

  29. T

    Supercharger - Tuggeranong ACT

    Hey all, looks like a new 6 stall supercharger is being constructed in the Hyperdome in Tuggeranong, ACT At the moment the location is fenced off and signs are up saying it will be becoming Tesla Electric Vehicle Parking. This would help people travelling to the snow as they wont need to...
  30. Zarwin

    Supercharger - Cary, NC - Bass Pro Lane

    Pre-fab supercharger popped up under construction in North Cary at I40 and Harrison Avenue. 12 Stall V3 at Harrison Square Shopping Center (1805 N Harrison Ave, Cary, NC 27513). Specific location...
  31. homero89

    Possible Supercharger - Beaumont, TX

    Filing for a Supercharger in Beaumont, TX located at 5780 Walden Rd, Beaumont, TX 77707. Nothing calls out Tesla, but RAS, design firm and tenant have appeared on other known Tesla filings. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022022936 5780 Walden Rd, Beaumont, TX 77707...
  32. T

    Supercharger - Florida Mall - 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail

    16 Stalls Located at Florida Mall
  33. Chuq

    Supercharger - San Ardo, CA (permit filed, 12 V3 stalls)

    MarcoRP has found a permit for a 12 stall site at the 43 Ranch, San Ardo:
  34. Chuq

    Supercharger - Elkhorn, WI

    MarcoRP has found a permit for a 12-stall supercharger in Elkhorn, WI: It's at Frank's Piggly Wiggly, 58 West Market Street.
  35. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Reno, NV - Element Lane

    @MarcoRP has found a permit for a new Supercharger location in the new development at 2030 Element Lane in Reno, NV. 16 stalls.
  36. Chuq

    Supercharger - Bondi Junction, NSW

    Waverley Council supported the proposal to host both a 2-stall Evie site and a 6-stall Tesla supercharger at their April meeting! http://waverley.infocouncil.biz/Open/2022/04/CM_20220412_MIN_655.PDF Probably some time away - but keep an eye out :)
  37. DMC5180

    Supercharger - Greenfield, WI

    Per a Twitter Post by @MarcoRP, a new 12 stall Supercharger is coming to the Meijer Grocery store at 5800 W Layton Ave, Greenfield, WI. 53220. This could be a possible Q4 2022 site. @Chuq, @corywright
  38. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Joppatowne, MD

    @MarcoRP has found a permit for a new Supercharger location at the Wawa on Mountain Road and I-95 in Joppatowne, MD, less than 4 miles from the Abingdon Supercharger one exit to the north.
  39. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Dunkirk, MD

    Wawa is seriously committed to their partnership with Tesla. @MarcoRP has found building permits for a new site in Dunkirk, MD along MD-4 - the first site on this part of the peninsula. @ItsNotAboutTheMoney
  40. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Brandywine, MD

    @MarcoRP has discovered permits for a Supercharger at the Wawa on McKendree Road in Brandywine, MD. This location will add much needed capacity to MD-301. :cool:
  41. PaleBlueDot

    Supercharger - Turning Stone - Verona, NY

    Looks like a 12 Stall V3 going in at Turning Stone. Exact coordinates: 43.11320120191245, -75.59117676589067. It is interesting, the first stall on the left is off set and appears to have space to the left to accommodate someone towing a trailer.
  42. Chuq

    Supercharger - Albany, WA

    I missed this one for quite a while... Albany council meeting of September 2021 - records the fact that the CEO & Mayor signed an agreement to lease land in the "CBD Carpark" (I assume this is the one right next to the council offices and the Visitor Information Centre) for a 3-bay...
  43. homero89

    Supercharger - Katy, TX - Buc-ee's

    Filing for a Supercharger at the Katy Buc-ee's located at 27700 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77494. Supercharger filing address is for 27867 CS Parkside Street, Katy, TX 77494 which takes me somewhere else on the map. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022022290 27700 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX...
  44. Chuq

    Supercharger - Holland, MI

    New 12 stall supercharger under construction in Holland - at the Meijer (Cnr E 16th St and South Waverley Rd) - thanks to albus522 on the supercharge.info forum (includes pics, 3x cabinets on site). Permit...
  45. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Allen, TX

    @MarcoRP has discovered a site plan for a new Supercharger in Allen, Texas. This location, like a few others in recent days, is not on the Find Us map.
  46. homero89

    Supercharger - Ennis, TX

    Filing for a Supercharger at the Ennis Buc-ee's located at 1181 Creechville Road, Ennis, TX. Completion date slated for July 2023. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2022022168 1181 Creechville Road Ennis, TX 75119 @corywright @Big Earl @Chuq
  47. M

    Supercharger - Two Harbors, MN

    Delete if this is not "official" enough, but there is a mention of a new Supercharger in Two Harbors, MN in a Two Harbors city council meeting minutes document: https://cms5.revize.com/revize/twoharbors/20220411084735019.pdf From that document, on page 3, item number 7: Authorizing the...
  48. Chuq

    Supercharger - Griffith, NSW

    Looks like Tesla is planning one in Griffith - 6 stalls! Spotted by @MarcoRP - Site is currently being negotiated with council - Tesla prefers one location but council agenda recommends support of one of the other alternatives, which is the Visitor Information Centre - probably a good sign as...
  49. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Carmel - N Illinois St, IN

    @MarcoRP has found permit documents for the new site in Carmel, IN located at the GetGo gas station at 11545 N Illinois St. It looks to be 8 stalls between the gas station and the road.
  50. M

    Supercharger - Augusta NJ

    New Wawa being built has (at least) 8 pedastals up already. Saw them as I drove by this morning. Will get some pictures this evening. This is the location: https://www.njherald.com/story/news/2021/12/10/wawa-frankford-nj-breaks-ground-first-store-sussex-county/6432826001/

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