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Supercharger - Peterborough, ON

Found an article listing that a new supercharger will be at Peterborough Lansdowne Place.

Tesla drivers plugging into Quinte Mall chargers more often

The charging station setup is similar to other malls such as the Pickering Town Centre and, in the near future, Lansdowne Place in Peterborough, which is placing seven new charging stations for Tesla vehicles in its parking lot.
Address: 645 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough, ON K9J 7Y5
Peterborough, ON

Along National Highways: None
Along Provincial Highways (<=8km): ON-7E, ON-115


From: Start (ON-48 Markham, ON) - 136.1 km
To: End (ON-417 Ottawa, ON) - 241.3 km
Diversion: -6.7 km (cuts a corner)


From: Start (ON-401 Newcastle, ON) - 53.6 km
To: End (ON-7 near Peterborough, ON) - 4.4 km
Diversion: 0.7 km

To: Bancroft, ON (Permit) (ON-7,ON-28,ON-62) - 116.6km
To: Ottawa, ON (ON-7,ON-417,ON-95) - 272.3km
To: Casselman, ON (ON-7,ON-417) - 324km
To: Belleville, ON (ON-7,ON-CR38,ON-CR2,ON-CR25,ON-CR27,ON-CR30,ON-401) - 106.6km
To: Port Hope, ON (ON-7,ON-CR28) - 38.7km
To: Pickering, ON (ON-7,ON-407,ON-412,ON-401) - 93.5km
To: Markham - Markville, ON (ON-7,ON-407) - 100.8km
To: Parry Sound, ON (ON-7,ON-12,ON-15,ON-12,ON-400) - 236.7km
To: Huntsville, ON (ON-7,ON-12,ON-CR169,ON-11) - 203.5km
To: Deep River, ON (ON-7,ON-41,l,TCH) - 309.8km
To: Renfrew, ON (Permit) (ON-7,ON-41,ON-132,ON-60) - 243.9km

Aside: in looking at ON-7, I ended up fixing an obvious reversed one-way on OpenStreetMap near Brougham, ON. It takes a few days to propagate to Mapbox (used by Supercharge.info).
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Construction has begun
I would prefer still prefer to see Brockville as 401-416 is the more popular route. Finish that site first before the Hwy 7 route.
Strongly disagree there. 401 has enough chargers along that boring route. Hwy 7 to Ottawa from Toronto sorely needs charging as it is a faster route between the two cities and much nicer drive. Kudos to Tesla on this!
Nicer drive, sure. But definitely not faster. Brockville desperately needed given the volume of traffic on that route.
Agreed. I often go to Manotick, south of Ottawa. I don't always want to go into Ottawa to the Rideau Centre - plus it was closed for a couple of months.

Kingston - Manotick is 167km along the 401/416. That's 334km roundtrip which is pushing it for some Teslas, especially in the winter. And the Kingston SC is one of the worst sites in the country with only six units. That will be somewhat alleviated when the second Kingston site opens, but I don't think that has happened yet.
That will be somewhat alleviated when the second Kingston site opens, but I don't think that has happened yet.
Personally with perth and hopefully Brockville I'm pretty sure I will never be visting the Kingston SC again(and I regularly drive through Kingston). I don't think they will need a second Kingston site if they just would put in large enough Brockville site. Personally I would prefer them to focus on different new locations first. Demand will drop for Kingston then.