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Talking Teslas Podcast

I've been tweeting Robert (@rrosenbl) and Talking Tesla (@talkingtesla) asking them to get the gang back together. I haven't bugged Mel, figured he's got a lot on his plate with his guests from overseas.

I think a primary reason they put the show on hold was the cost of production. I suggested that their core audience would tune in even if they were to record on their iPhone.
Thank you all for your kind words! Short of some online petition, this thread may be the tipping point to #EndTheSabbatical

I am day 1 reservation owner and you guys have been part of my life for the past 2 years. Every week I look forward to your podcast. This is my very first "New" car I will be buying. Image the excitement. I just configured mid April delivery ETA 3 to 6 weeks. I feel cheated not being able to share my story on your podcast. As soon as Tom and Mel got their ride the show went silent.
I am sure other M3 owner would want to share their experiences. Let Mel rant on the bad point. It's still good to know.

We know you are busy and I am happy to have at least one show a month.
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Man I miss that podcast! I will commit to quadrupling..make that quintupling my measly 3.00/month Patreon commitment if they return. Since their abrupt departure, my quality of life has plummeted and I fear I am going to need an SSRI augmented by an atypical antipsychotic agent augmented by transcranial magnetic stimulation augmented by ethyl alcohol as well as psychotherapy for abandonment issues and PTSD. It's been many months and I am still wandering around in a dissociated fugue state (Florida).